Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Just What I Needed

What is with blogger? The picture at the bottom is tiny. Last night - still feeling the stress of the last several days - I decided a movie was in order. Off to the video store. And two movies arrive back at my house with the intention of settling my spirit. I had no idea how wonderful the one I watched would be. Seen several posts about it. Wondered about it myself.


Will you find sex? Not even a hint.

Violence? Nope.

Nudity? Only if you consider the top of ones boots as that.

Horrible language? Not the first word.

Love? Absolutely

Passion? At it's best.

Friendship? well represented.

Realationships? both supportive and strained.

Respect? In every dealing.

"Miss Potter" ranks up there as an immediate favorite. A gentle movie. Good for my soul. Healing in parts of its message. Demonstrating respect even in disagreement. A message of love and loss and passion for one's work, whatever it is. The makeup is appropriate. The wardrobe perfect. And the scenery - I am ready to live there.

My favorite scene - Miss potter refusing to be lectured to after she buys a farm at auction. The gentleman trying to admonish her was the developer she was bidding against and she stood her ground in one of the most eloquent quotes of the movie. Loving that. She had discovered herself and her mission - and not one person was to get in her way.

It was a beautiful movie and I can recommend it to everyone. Young and old alike. I could not have had a more perfect frame of mind to watch it.

MaggieGrace finished painting the inside of the shutter cabinet last night. First coat for the outside tonight. Then I pampered myself and watched that movie. Took the night off. Lost myself in a world not my own. I feel better this morning. We'll see if I have more good moments than bad today.

If you have seen "Miss Potter" please leave me a comment about you favorite scene or any aspect of the movie you would like to share. If you haven't seen it - please do - it is well worth it.

Have a wonderful day.


Felicia said...

That was one of my favorite scenes too. Renee did a great job in the role. I wish they hadn't holliwooded it up so much though. I really enjoyed the short documentary that came as a bonus on the DVD.

Metallyptica said...

Oh, so I know exactly what to do saturday (when my Summer vacations - sadly - beggin)!

And about the Candy Ring give-away, postage doesn't matter!! ;) Don't worry!!

Amy said...

I loved the movie. Did you see I wrote about it on my blog?
Thanks for stopping by!!!!!
I loved the story you told me about the family tree photos.

I also love the movie Intersection. I have watched it a hundred times!

Janet said...

I loved this movie! I recently talked about it on my blog, too. As for my favorite scene, that would be tough since I liked every bit of it. How refreshing to watch a movie and not be grossed out!!

Ann-Margret said...

Ahhhhhhh, Miss Potter! I think I almost liked it more than The Pursuit of Happyness. Okay, maybe even I did, because I could relate to it more. I even made a mention on my own blog after watching it -- this is a wonderful, wonderful film and I found it very inspiring as a young (single!) woman, a writer, a creative person, someone who has traditional values and also an open mind, etc. I WANT TO BE BEATRIX POTTER!! (Well, except for the fiancé dying part... ) Um, I guess I can stop now... :) Oh no wait... my favourite scene! Ummm... just on a level of sheer cuteness, I loved it when William Heelis was walking around her house looking at her sketches and one of them (Peter Rabbit's mother?) made eyes at him. :D I loved the fact that while Norman Warne loved Beatrix's work, William actually believed in it so much that he saw the characters come to life, too.

Okay. Now I'm done. :)