Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I am not really all that girlie...

But I am finding my self so attracted to vintage lace and soft colors. Loving some what I see over at Andrea's and Lauren's. I cannot explain it. There are others who are visually indulging this attraction as well.

So - yet another of my finds from my birthday outing. Lace. Eyelet. Organdy. This bag was $10.00 in a junk store. It also included hankies like 8 of them and the same booth had hankies at 3.00 ea so I feel like I got a killer deal.

Just look at this girlie softness..........

I will be washing and ironing and packaging some of this to sell. Some of it will be staying at my house. I really can't wait to unravel and see what all really is there.

I have one more post of birthday goodies I found and it will be the hankies from this bag. Then I have family goodies to share. My lovely mother-in-law, Ann, brought my birthday gift on Sunday. Scrapbooks. Thank you Ann. She also brought vintage family goodies. I'll be sharing those in tomorrow's post.

I hope this finds you guys having an incredible day.

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