Wednesday, August 15, 2007

At least one person thinks I am nice

Look everybody, I've been nominated for a Nice Matters Award. This comes via my friend, also a Teresa, over at Metallyptica. This blog community amazes me. She is a law student from Portugal and I really cannot tell you how we met. She makes jewelry, and I am fortunate enough to own a ring from her, someday maybe the teenager will let me wear it. Molly scarfed it up 'cause it matches her outfit. I will give some thought to my blogger buds and pass on my own nominations in the next few days. Thank you so much -

At this point in the day 17 years ago, I was in a hospital bed, tethered to six IV lines that were keeping me from a heart attack, stroke, or seizure. I even had a "crash box" - a Craftsman tool box with that label - that traveled everywhere I went - bathroom included. They were terrified that I might die from the reaction my body was having to labor and I was too close to the edge to be put to sleep for an emergency c-section. at the beginning my blood pressure was 160/110 - a spike that they really haven't shared with me caused a nurse to climb on my bed and squeezed magnesium sulfate through those lines because the IV pumps could not pump it fast enough. Later today - 4:01 pm - will be Molly Brianne's 17th birthday. All of the drama seems so far away now, but it is still almost like it was yesterday. Happy Birthday sweet girl - I love you.

Miss MaryAnn has been shopping for me. Just look a the typeset letters she found. There are also typeset drawers coming. I cannot wait to get these in the mail from her. Link out from her blog to her etsy store and buy some of her other goodies too. I swear she must have the best thrift locations ever in her area. Add to that she is an incredible artist and a crafting machine. Above and beyond all that - she is my friend and she has added so many blessings to my life.

I am working on a gift for a blogger that is fairly involved. She reads here so no pictures. That is so hard for me to do. What I am creating is an adaptation of inspiration I found out here in cyber world. It is detail intense, but oh so much fun. I will post the process and the results after she gets it.

I do want to share this book with you guys. I bought my copy in the bargain books at Barnes and Noble. The back cover of mine is torn - but that did not keep me from purchasing this incredible eye candy book. I bought it for the eye candy, but it is also CHOK FULL of WONDERFUL organizing ideas.

There are also quizzes to take - to determine your "style" and "decorating personality". I completed the quizzes last night - just for fun - to see what they identified me as. These are dead on right - that is way cool as far as I am concerned.

My decorating style - IDEALIST / ADVENTURER - my score was dead even on these two.
Some characteristics of the style
-Natural and simple
-Pictures of family and friend are important
-trinkets and art object from friends and family are important
-cotton is a preferred textile (dead on right)
- leather chairs (note the leather recliner that is "my" chair)
-you prefer to refurbish and repurpose furniture and other items
-it doesn't matter if all your furniture matches
- live plants or fresh flowers stimulate your creative mind (I kill real plants but cut flowers are wonderful -especially if they are cut by the person delivering them)
-Funky patterns attract me
-Red leather would be the color of choice for a sofa or chair ( note "my" chair is red leather)
-I want guests to be welcome in my craft space
-accents in my space will be diverse.
-inspiration will come naturally if I am surrounded by a variety of fun and interesting things.

It was as if I wrote my own description of me.

The other quiz was "decorating personality" - I scored as a Fire/Red on this one. Again it was perfect for me.
-hard worker
-strive to become better.
-seek new solutions
-everything will have a logical place or plan

If you get the opportunity to look at this book, you will not be disappointed at all.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.


Raesha D said...

You are so cute and humble - there are way more people that think you are nice:):) I LOVE those letters...what an awesome find!! I am seriously sans money right now or I would have gotten some too - so cool!! I'll keep my eye out for that book - I love the bargain section and Barnes and Nobles and Borders. And crazy birth story - I'm so glad you both made it through!

Felicia said...

I bought that same book and have to agree with you that it is stuffed with eye candy and ideas. There seem to be very few decorating books that feature studios or craft spaces. My decorating style for my studio is very different from the rest of my house. Most rooms are serene and relaxing. My studio is red. I really enjoy that color stimulation in there to come up with innovative ideas.

Metallyptica said...

See? I'm not the only one who thinks you're nice!! ;)

Oh, and I loved the way you described me!! :)