Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Don't Look Mary ...

I am moving the picture to the bottom of this post so that my new friend Mary can choose if she wants the surprise spoiled.

In an earlier post, I gave a WIP shot of some orange trim that I worked on in the hospital with Abby the other night. Thank you all for making your comments on that one. There will be more trims in varied color, length, and pattern forthcoming. There will also be vintage button cards and the trims for sale as well. Anyway Mary is playing in the Pay it Forward handmade gift with me and although this is not part of it, she will be receving a handmade from me.

I have one more slot in the PIF group of mine.

Mary expressed interest in trimming pillow cases in the trim, so I am sending her some. Highly technical way of measuring, I crocheted the first length long enough to encircle one of my pillowcases. 42 inches allows for a little cross over. Made a second length and then remembering how Charles' grandmother made up her summer bed, I made a medallion to go in the center of a folded down sheet. This will be in today's outgoing mail to Mary.

I handwashed the trim and starched and ironed it. Left it flat to dry completely and wrapped around card stock with another of those wonderful vintage images. The medallion is drymounted onto the card stock using just starch. that way there will be no residue left after it is removed and sewn on.

I started another length of green last night and I have an idea for how to use it. This particular pattern looks like rick rack to me and I will treat it that way. I am thinking on creating different lengths like 6,12,18,24,36,42 inches and then anything longer making that a custom order. Any ideas or input there?

I will more than likely make a few sets of pillow cases. Then for my booth display, do a doll bed set with a medallion and a trimmed pillow case. (I have the doll bed from my childhood.)

My girls go back to school on Thursday and since sports workouts and parent meetings have started, the crazy lifestyle returns. At least this year they will both go to the same school, this will be easier - they can ride together.

Here is hoping you all have a wonderful afternoon. I will be sitting with my crocheting in a volleyball parent meeting - hope your evening is more pleasant than all that.


Natasha said...

Maggie-that is great trim!!I love it!

jill said...

What beautiful trim!