Monday, August 06, 2007

Rockin Bloggers ....

How cool is this image? I have been nominated as a Rockin Girl Blogger my my friend and cohort - Miss MaryAnn. We "met" through swap-bot and through the laws of destiny, have remained cyber friends. I only wish we could live close by and have that face to face contact that next door neighbors have. Love ya lady and thanks so much for the nomination.

As my part of the game I have to nominate 5 others. God this was hard. I tried to make it people who have not been nominated as best as I could tell. I read 100's of you regularly and hope to not offend here. You all bring such a daily treat to my screen. Thank you each and every one for putting yourself out there for us.

here goes my list.

Felicia over at fluffy flowers. A fellow Georgia blogger. Makes the cutest softies ever. Has an Etsy shop. Shares information about her neck of the woods. I was tickled to find her online. Hoping we can work out some sort of lunch or dinner soon.

The lovely Natasha Burns. Oh My God the stunning beauty here. I found this link durning the teas party sponsored by another blogger. I was going through the links on that post and found this. She also has a stunning Flickr home as well.

A cottage industry - recently finding herself in a solo position, this lovely has spoon fed us inspiration and encouragement as she finds her new way. Beautiful decor. Fabulous and workable ideas. And a wedding to accomplish.

Shauna Ahern - newlywed and gluten free . I started reading her after a friend referred me there. She shares her life as it has been enriched with gluten free foods. Shauna has a book coming out soon. You can preorder on Amazon now.

The ever lovely Queen of all. Miss Vallen - a kindred spirit. Loverly lady. Collector of all things fun and bright and kitsch. A swap buddy that remained as a friend. I look forward to seeing her every day and seeing what brightness and fun she can bring to my ( and your) life.

There are my five. Mind you - there are hundreds more.

I owe some people an apology. Apparently blogger has decided that some of you were not worthy of notifying me about. I just discovered some comments that have not been emailed to me. If you have left a comment for me in the last 10 days and I did not respond either by visiting your blog or email - I am so sorry - some of the comments did not get emailed to me. I love getting your feedback and sharing on my posts. So I will be going back though the last 10 days and manually looking at comments. Thanks so much - teresa


Mary Ann said...

Isn't it funny how blog love multiplies? I keep thinking that I can't possibly keep up with all my blog reading, can't make any more friends, can't look at another lovely blog...but then I do. Surrounded by loveliness and love, we are!

Natasha Burns said...

Thanks so much for the Rockin Blogger nomination!!!! I'll get right onto it in the next few days when I get better. So glad you stopped by and your comments were so sweet!
Take care,
Natasha : )

Felicia said...

Well my goodness, I'm delighted to find myself among such lovely and talented company. Thank you! You rock too :)

Vallen said...

If I could I'd love you more for the nomination but I already love you the most. Thanks my, friend