Friday, August 17, 2007

Butterflies - Flutterflies

What in the world could this be? The picture is horrible. I snapped this after My work session last night - LATE. Well it is a sneak peek at a part of a giftie for my friend.

I always - and I do mean always - struggle with gifts. I want to cater the gift to the recipients taste. Make sure it is something they would like. Handcrafted gifts and art are even more difficult for me. Then I went back and looked at my Cheerleader - made by MaryAnn. This is not a piece I would have made. It is not a style I like to work in - however it is a style I love to look at. And that reminded me of something I already knew. Once I get past trying to make something in a style that another one does and go back to "my" style - I get over the artist block.

So there it is - why do I love MaryAnn's work - Vallen's work - Black Apple work - and on and on and on? Because their work is so different from my work. I still have "performance anxiety" whenever I send off a package. I have the same anxiety about displaying my wares in a festival. I love what I do, but will others enjoy it as well? Well enough of that - I make things - and I make then in ways that make me happy - I enjoy the process so much - I love to see those raw materials become something that I have imagined - and I NEED TO CREATE TO EXPRESS MYSELF - TO FULLY BE ME.

I have been needing a quiet evening with just me and my stuff. So last night after I was an employee all day - a best friend at lunch - a sports fan and Mommy for the evening - and chief chef and bottle washer for the early night - I forgot about sleep and spent some time just making things. I glued and I punched (tiny butterflies). I stamped and I sorted through some papers. I decided the main theme and materials for three collage pages. I went back to my roots - I made trays with all that stuff - and started assembling the embellishments as well. Damn - do I feel better today. In that environment - the rest of the life "junk" doesn't matter. I can move forward from that and let the MaggieGrace lifestyle be the primary one.

I carry a craft with me all the time - that is great and it works to keep me busy - but it is shared almost everytime I get it out. I find myself explaining what I am making or how to make something to somebody. I love to do that - expecially to youth - maybe the artistic lifestyle will somehow become important to one of them. But what really stirs me is time alone working with my hands making the vision in my mind become a reality.

So today I am tired and a little sleepy, but mentally I am on my way back. (Special thanks to local best friend and Miss MaryAnn for their concern, love, support, encouragement, and ass-kick that they shared.) FYI - MaryAnn - there still may be drunk girl backup singing this weekend - wanna come.

What stirs your soul? What brings you back to creative center? What is the one thing you must do to have a great life? I am not talking shelter or money - or food? I am talking that part of you that you must nurture - or you lose your passion for life - what makes you - YOU?

Love and best wishes for a happy fulfilling weekend.

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Mary Ann said...

Girl, give me some butterfly pasties (because you are making pasties from those, right? add a few sequins and tassels so I can really swing those things! ha!) and a good karaoke bar - I'm there!