Monday, August 13, 2007

Coloring in the lines ....

Remember this box of stuff - all the spools of string that I bought on my birthday.

Well give me a metal lunchbox. I toss a few of those spools, a hook, and scissors into it and traipse off to sit in the miserable southern summer heat and humidity.

Even under the shade from the easy up tents it is 98 degress. The athletic director is walking around all over checking temp readings with this fancy digital sensor. He is ready to bench kids if the readings get too high and dangerous. Even those sitting still are sweating enough to become dehydrated - so tons of water being consumed.

What the heck are we doing - - playing ball of course. School softball, the annual Red/Grey scrimmage game and then following that the Alumni Game. There was not a dry thread anywhere. Let me just say - I left to go pick up some things for the picnic- went by the church to get ice in the cooler and experienced the most wonderful feeling I could imagine at the time. I had taken a change of clothes and I changed to dry underwear at the church. OH yeah - that was a wonderful change of attire.

Anyway - I don't sit still well and I chose to learn to make a new granny block - just look at these.

It's called a wagon wheel block. All acrylic yarn - I know - eeeww - but the baby dolls won't care. This is designed as a doll blanket. I am sizing it to fit the doll bed I have from my childhood. Isn't this a fun little square? The first one took forever. All the counting and it being tiny thread and a new pattern. Now I am up to speed on it. There is still more trim occuring. There is some lace ready to starch and bobbin for sale. Button card makings are stacked and ready to go. A special gift is being worked on for someone's birthday.

I have MaryAnns' August CIP already - I really would like to to see some more from the other participants and I need to get a fall mailer going. Janet sent a July but there have technical problems - Janet can you send me the Doll Pictures again??? Please.

Every now and then I publish a list of my schedule - this week scares me to death. Just look

Monday - softball game - move concessions to rec park for Wednesday - funeral home visitation
Tuesday - volleyball game -
Wednesday - leadoff classic tournament starts - MOLLY"S BIRTHDAY
Thursday - volleyball game - softball game
Friday - leadoff classic tournament
Saturday - leadoff classic tournament
Sunday - church - youth rally - Fury party

Can anyone volunteer to grocery shop and/or do the laundry for me? Laundry will be late every night because we gonna need the uniform to be clean in the morning.

You are probably going to be seeing more of those little bitty squares and trims - because I will be sitting and doing lots of that this week. I have committed to a booth at the fall festival in October. So I have to build up some stock of cards and trims. There will be very little time for studio work until Labor Day weekend. We started that little project on Labor Day weekend last year - it really should be done - the only reason it is not is money and time.

Hope this finds you all well and rested. I was rested until I looked at the week - just the thought of it is exhausting.


Raesha D said...

My CIP projects took a little back burner as I got distracted by birthday gifts to make this summer!! I hope to get back on track in August.

Raesha D said...

OOPS i forgot to tell you...the granny squares are awesome! The colors are so pretty.

Vallen said...

Yep, what Raesha said. I do have one month to send to you. I'll get it out tomorrow.