Tuesday, August 14, 2007

mosaic 8-14-07

mosaic 8-14-07
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I have no pictures on my camera today - so I jumped over to Flickr and created a mosaic.

Usually I can see a pattern to what I am attracted to in my favorites over there. Not in this one. I will say - the little house pendant is just adorable. I have a big jar of scrabble letters so I do believe I will make a few charms for the festival booth using this inspiration for tiny collage on the back of those.

I also adore the little tags in the first picture.

I did not craft through the ballgame last night. We moved the concession stand from one bulding to another instead. The heat is exhausting here right now so I simply read some and then went to bed.

Tonight we will be watching volleyball and then home from there. Maybe some creation tonight.

The first two weeks of school are always stressful because we are adapting our schedules and everything else. Trying to find a groove for all of us that will allow us to function somewhat normally.

I feel lost without creating. I feel overwhelmed with my schedule right now. I continually feel like there is something I have forgotten to do. And I have the other stressful (betrayal) situtation going on that is a continual exercise in forgiveness and letting go. I have had chest pains that are nothing but a stress reaction and my natural tendency to quit eating when this out of control feeling happens is being triggered right now. (that should be a good thing since I am trying to lose weight. It is bad only ecause I know that the anorexia reaction is about control not about healthy eating or weight loss. I really have to be careful of it. Eating disorders are horrible to become healthy after, an alcoholic can avoid drinking, but food is a neccessity and therefore you cannot separate yourself from the trigger item.)

See you guys tomorrow.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

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