Thursday, August 16, 2007

Benched and Bitched

Molly is the tall one in the upper right of the picture.
Miss Molly has been benched. She has a chronic recurring back thing. (hey MaryAnn I may adopt wonky back as my description) She was born with a rotational deformity of her right hip. We did the therapy thang and it is not a problem. except for stressors like sports. Then a soccer injury in 10th grade exaggerated the problem. We saw doctors in the conventional medical field and all they do is throw drugs at the pain. Then we started seeing a chiropractor and within days she was amazingly better.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago. A wheelbarrow race at practice - gives you that swayback and reinjures her. Now we are retreating an aggravated injury. New Coach is not an advocate of chiropractic care. Benched until we see a "real" doctor. Molly is devastated. This is her senior year. She is the "star" of the show. College recruiters are watching her. AND THEY ARE WATCHING HER WARM THE BENCH. We offered to have her cleared through the emergency room - not good enough - I am now trying to get her an appointment with an orthopedic/sports medicine specialist. Insurance is a rip off. See this doctor first - then a referral - then a referral - then -then - then. SO we wait and watch her be frustrated by it all. We have a friend who works for the ortho specialist - she has pulled strings and is helping us. What did they tell me in the preliminary consultation - take some Aleve and ice/heat treatment. So we will now start the process of throwing medicine at the pain. It is a strained tendon/ligament/muscle. Crazy. But we won't play until we can be released by the MRI readings.

Yesterday was Molly's birthday. She got benched and she broke her car. Has no AC or Power Steering- new belt required. It is going to be 100+ here today - gotta have that AC - so we took it to the shop this morning. Of course Mom came up with the money for that. We were at the ball field working the concession stand so no out to dinner for us. And that my friends was her birthday - as she announced - the worst day of her life.

This is the other child. This is the bitched part of the title. She had an early softball game on Wednesday. I was on the phone with her dad about Molly's benching and all of a sudden he was yelling and cheering. This was a serious conversation about Molly, but he had to interrupt for the cheering. I simply hung up on him. Seems Miss Abby scored - should be a great thing - she stole home on an overthrow and scored. The coach let her have it. Dad called me and said Abby scored - Doug is chewing her out. I know this coach - have for years - so I say back - how about telling me whole story. Abby is stealing third and the coach gave her the stop sign. She took a lead off third anyway and chose to ignore the "back" call. They threw the ball behind her and she came on home. When I talked to her - she said "doug chewed me out for scoring" - I had to explain that was not what she got chewed for- she is 14 and hates me for not taking her side. But ignoring a coach is not something to be cheered.

Can I send these girls back for newer models? Maybe running away should be the Mommy thing to do? I have a 14 year old who swears she hates me - I know she doesn't. And I have a frustrated 17 year old who thinks a NEW car would solve all of her problems and can I please just magically make this MRI report and release happen - wish I could do both of those things for her. Is there some magic fairy who will erase memories of the teenage years from everyone's brain. You know - kids go away to college just when they start becoming human again - maybe we could just send them away from 13 - 18 and let the aliens who abducted them deal with all the crap. Then we would all be reasonable when they come back home.

While I am making fairy Godmother requests - I could also use a money tree and a clock that allows more hours everyday.

Have a wonderful day ya'll.

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Mary Ann said...

Seek an osteopathic doctor who practices osteopathic manipulation. It's better than chiropractic care - focuses on movement instead of balance....