Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Just for you MaryAnn

Another free Dover Image. If you don't subscribe - hop over to for free clip art. they will send an update regularly and it includes free images every week. You can right click this one for yourself. MaryAnn liked the image, this one is for her.

We have ants. Living in Georgia - this time of the year - we are accustomed to watching where we step because of the fire ants, but watch where we sleep??? Yes you heard that right - where we sleep. We have ants coming into the bedroom. Not fire ants - just the little guys the we call piss ants. They bite. They are annoying. They are in my bedroom and even a few in the bed. So I have pulled out furniture and sprayed and vacuumed up dead little bodies. I have a huge pile of clothes to rewash. What an inconvenience. What a mess. The plus - a completely clean bedroom - although unplanned - is really feeling good.

So no Maggie Grace goodies to share today.

Tomorrow is back to school. I send Molly to her final year of high school. Surprizingly, she is emotional. She is realizing that she will pretty much be on her own in a years time and that has her freaked out completely. I am just trying not to think about it. I want to savor every moment of this last school year with her and not worry about the future at all. I want to live in the moment through this. Abby starts high school this year. That - I am emotional about. Not sure why, but this one is a difficult transition for me. (Then I could just be feeling old)

We went to the school this morning for Freshman Day Back. An open house of sorts. Since we were familiar with the school and its policies this was easy for us. I was able to spend some time watching people. We have done the right things with our girls. Pushing them just enough to grow and be willing to be self sufficient when needed. If you are an incoming high school freshman, mama does not need to be filling out the student forms for you. Mama does not need to show you how to find the bathroom. Mama certainly does not need to walk you into the school tomorrow morning. There was one point where I was standing in the hall and a mother came up almost in tears, she was "lost" from her child and worried that the child would freak out. People - these kids are almost old enough to operate a moving vehicle - surely they can find their class room in a building with a map on every door. Abby and her "posse" hooked up as a group and journeyed through - visiting teachers and coaches and each other. Not at all nervous about tomorrow - supporting each other - confident and self assured that this was just another transition they would successfully navigate. That is one more message that we are doing some things right as parents. Thank you God for those little reminders, I need them often to know that I am doing all I can.

I hope all of you have a wonderful evening - we have church and then school supply shopping. There will be new pens for Mom too.


Carrie said...

Thoses ants drive me nutz! We don't have that problem in our current house, but DH's and my first house, it was a big issue. They were coming in thru the electrical outlets. I raided the outlets and put traps under each one. That really helped keep them to keep them in check.

see you there! said...

School already? I think they start around Labor Day here.

I'm catching up on blogs and went back to look at your button cards and your crocheted edging. Those are both creative and I'll bet the sell well.


Mary Ann said...

Thank you! I was off duty for a couple of days, so now I'm catching up on my favorite blogs;)