Thursday, August 09, 2007

I walk alone ...

These are my new friends. I replaced my walking shoes during the tax free days over the weekend. I kinda knew I needed new shoes, but I had no idea how bad it was until I put these on Tuesday night. Grey with pink reflective markings. They were reasonably priced, but as I walked, I realized - it really does not matter how much they were, this accessory to my wardrobe is as important to my sanity as my glue gun.

When I walk, it is usually after dark or before daylight and everything else is done or before anything else is done. For the last two nights, it has still been 90 degrees when I started out. Georgia humidity too. OMG how quick does everything get soaked in this humidity.

I have walked with others in the past. It has a level of acountability that some people need. I prefer to walk alone. I can be quiet with my thoughts. I can listen to voices drifting through the dark. I can watch as the world wakes up or settles in for the night. I can hear the cicada's and crickets. I have startled more than one fox or deer. I do not walk with a walkman or MP3 player, don't like the noise.

I have several routes that I like. The dirt road around and behind the house. The track at the school. The streets of Danielsville. The streets of Royston. The track is the most public. round and around, almost always finding someone at your pace, an easy conversation place, no expectations of completing conversations, you just stop when you have reached the end of your time or mileage. The dirt road is for heavy contemplation. No one is out and about at the times I am. I carry my gun, because coyotes are everywhere. The city streets fall somewhere in between, often quiet, you meet people, but no conversation expected, a simple acknowledgement will do.

For the last few nights - the city street has been my choice, but I think I need a dirt road walk really quick. There is upheaval in my life. Changes are happening. Quickly changing. I really need some time alone to figure this out. I can't afford a trip. (donations welcome) But I can give myself a little sanity at a time on those daily walks and that's where you will be finding me in the next few nights.

Not to worry - I'm just breaking in the new shoes.

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Felicia said...

Power walking is the best. Love your new shoes.