Sunday, June 15, 2008

Granddaddy's Tomatoes

Granddaddy (the man at my address dad) is an avid gardner. All summer in the Georgia heat, he works in the yard and gardens. We all benefit from the wonderful results. (doesn't look like he is close to 80 either, does he??

Happy Father's Day to you Granddaddy and to the man too.

The graduate and her friends are back from the beach. More on that trip tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day.


see you there! said...

If we could only grow one vegetable it would be tomatoes. We do have some planted but probably won't have as many as you show here.


i am very mary said...

I can see where Charles gets his good looks! Not that I'm checking out your husband. Or your father in law. Oh dear. Never mind. Nice tomatoes. The end.

Roxie said...

My grandfather grew outstanding tomatoes, but I never learned his secret. I do remember that he poured Epsom salts into the planting hole, but I sure wish I knew more of what he did.

That is a good-looking man with good-looking produce and a good-looking garden behind him.