Thursday, June 05, 2008

message from the universe

I signed up for messages from the universe long ago. Each weekday I get an uplifting and empowering message in my in box. I have collected many quotes from these emails. No matter what the message - I always take a smile away from reading them.

Here is today's message.

Inquiring minds want to know, teresa:
Have you ever felt so down you wondered whether or not you'd bounce back?
Were you later surprised by how quickly you did bounce back?
And then were you surprised by how far you went?
Did you promise you'd never forget how amazing that was?
We did.
In awe, The Universe
And, did you really once celebrate by dancing on a tabletop, teresa, to Barry Manilow?

The early part of this I was so very familiar with - losing people I love, being diagnosed with cancer, being laid off work early in my career. The part that made me smile was the last line.

I have danced on a tabletop - just because it was fun. Barry Manilow was not the choice - being a redneck southern girl - Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers were the choices. I would also like to publicly add - I was fully clothed. Unlike the young lady who dove into the pool a little later that night - I kept my clothes on. Not really the kinds of memories I wanted to bring up when the new graduate is going - UNCHAPERONED - to the beach with her friends.

I have other confessions to make too. But we will just have to drink margaritas and handle all that face to face. (SHHHHHH - my mother in law reads here - I really would hate for her to decide I was unfit to raise her grandchildren.) (LAUGH PEOPLE - IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY)

Oh my - thank you from the center of my being for all the nice things you guys said about the shelf. I wish I had taken a before shot. That shelf had been outside on a carport for years. It really was horrid and I will add - I am so very very pleased with how it turned out. Sunday will have me finishing up painting everything else that is clad and ready for paint. I have taken some shots to use for next week while the graduate is at the beach.

Now for some more shots just for "red week".

I collect ragged - beat up things and I repurpose them all the time. I like nicer stuff too. One thing I have collected for many years is Coca-Cola items. Here are a few that I have(had) not figured out what to do with yet.

An old coke cooler - metal and missing it's top. Just big enough to hold a six pack and ice. My mom found this for me. - I have used it for flowers in a centerpiece - it has held goody bags for a birthday party - I have put rolled towels in it in the bathroom. It just has not found its home. I will not use it for ice or food, because I am afraid there may be lead in the lining.

What in the world could this be? Edges. A thank you gift from a customer who happened upon thousands of them - she has an entire wall in her house covered in these .

They are screened wooden crate sides. More than likely the ones that did not pass the inspection process (all of them are slightly flawed). When the coke bottling plant here closed, things were left in the building. A developer purchased the facility and renovated it into wonderful - loft style - condos. As they were gutting the building - an entire room of these was discovered. They were sending them to the dumpster and my friend took them home. I have about twenty of them. They are stacked neatly between the washing machine and the laundry room wall right now.

Every every now and then, I have a flash of brilliance. The man has framed in the inside of my studio windows (salvaged from my grandmothers house) and while I have no idea what the sides and top trim are going to be, look at this......

A perfect fit for the window sill. I'll be centering one in the space and then filling in the ends with pieces of one. A total of three will complete both window sills. The man will have to finish the sides and top - I'll finish the paint around the window - blue again - then finish the window sill.

I love it when these fun little details start coming together. The studio has such a fun - collected - eclectic vibe already - and these kinds of things are adding to that everyday.

Hope this finds all of you having a great day.

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m i c h e l l e said...

I am SO lovin' those crate sides!!! Thousands, you say? What a lucky girl!!! :-)