Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am a list maker - at work - at home - at church. I leave lists and to do notes on the bathroom mirror. I have lists of customer orders at work. I installed roughly 20 foot of marker board as a back splash in MaggieGrace World to keep lists of projects I want to accomplish. Notes on the kitchen counter - those too. There is a list of items Miss Molly will need for her dorm room. All manners of lists.

The list pictured here happens to be my favorite list right now. The details for finishing up some things in the studio. Written on a piece of the marker board. I'll be keeping this board to mke lists as I am working on projects. A portable way to keep myself straight.

I have seen marker boards made from ceramic tiles and if I run across some light colored glazed tiles will probably put some of those together as well.

What you do not see on this list is what I accomplished in the studio this morning. I set up a little bubble gum for the resident mouse to chew on. Last night when I walked in there - the little beady eyed creature was in the middle of the floor - greeting me like the old man at the WalMart entrance. He scurried around and managed to make his way under my cabinet. I have no idea how it got in. I set the trap and baited it with bubble gum. (a trick we have learned in the warehouse at work) Hopefully I'll nail him by the weekend.

Abby's ballgame was cancelled because of lightning last night. They are on the way now to Augusta Georgia for 3 games today and 3 games tomorrow.

I'll be crocheting tonight.

Have a wonderful day -

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Carrie said...

dumb question, but you can use dry-erase markers on porcelain? I got some white canisters from Target and have been trying to figure out how to temporarily mark them without damaging them.