Thursday, June 19, 2008

Studio progress - and the reveal

I am so happy Miami lost the college world series game last night. Georgia plays tomorrow night and as of right now remains undefeated. Go Dawgs - and only a southerner knows that is absolutely the correct spelling and must be accompanied by a bark.

What was in that tin? The bath powder tin. MORE buttons. Just look. I have a lot of buttons.

These are horridly dirty. But I'll enjoy every moment of fondling these as I scrub them up with a soft tootbrush and soapy water.
I already picked favorites - yellow and gold coat buttons - (is there an easy way to verify that the tube shaped ones are really bakelite?) The milk dud shaped brown ones are fun and I adore the square green ones - they remind me of monopoly houses for some reason.
A detail shot of the yellow ones.

Look again at these graphics. I am so drawn to the look of these cards.
Now for the fun stuff I did last night.
Disregard the mess in the lower right corner - focus on the cabinet -
Before I proceeded with my work last night.

And after.....
A 10.00 investment in some clearance peel and stick tiles. Easy clean up - damp cloth. Almost effortless installation - meets my needs for a drying/stamping/pile crap up surface. I could have done a laminate top - but this will work and it fit the budget perfectly. I am thinking a piece of RED trim across the front then I can call this part done too. It is not an exact match - but hello - it works.

No work there tonight - softball calls - she can't play but she wants to be there.
Hope this finds you having a wonderful day....


Anonymous said...
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Carrie said...

Looks wonderful! Red trim to go with the Coca-cola signs? Fun!

Anonymous said...

We should find another tin with buttons that will get maggiegrace doing the happy dance!! H & A.

Roxie said...

What do you intend to do with these buttons? Do you have a specific project in mind or are they "targets of opportunity"? LOVE the tins!

ellen said...

You lucky Dawg, you!
(it's a good thing that my Oregon State Beavers didn't make it this we'd have quite a rivalry going on here.)
I look at these buttons and they just make me smile. They have such "character".

ellen said...

Well, I know you are otherwise occupied on the weekends, but I just have to add, "Go Dawgs!" I really want to put an "h" in that Dahwg! Dawhg?
I'm not sure about the sounded more like a wounded something. Tee Hee. Hope your weekend is splendid.