Monday, June 02, 2008

bouquets for you ....

Because I like all of you so much, here is a Monday morning fresh batch of flowers just for you. These tiny little flowers are really quick and easy to do. I managed to finish 50 of them this weekend. There will be lots more of these.

Loving the colors. Made from punch embroidery threads, bedspread cotton, pearl cotton, the colors and textures are wonderful.

Last night I drug out the sizzix, the box of paper scraps, brads, punches, etc. (brought this all in from the studio to the kitchen.) Knowing that the resulting spread on the island would be a reminder to the man at my address that the studio is not finished. All of these pictures were taken after 10pm last night - so the lighting is very flaky. Yes, I am incredibly messy when working. (the glass was full of sweet tea)

At around midnight, this was the view on the counter. 50 sweet and fun gift tags. It was a load of fun to do this project. (One of those almost instant gratification things) And every bit of the paper - including the card stock backings - came from the scrap box.

The every loverly MaryAnn sent a stack of papers with a note that she just knew I would find a way to use them. You know - there is so much truth in the adage another man's trash ....... I love getting fun packages with a few torn pages. Anyway - took a side trip there - this paisley was one of the papers in that stack and it looks wonderful with this little gold flower.

Take a look over at CIP for another idea that I love.

This little assortment is for Lori over at Laeroport. Sorry it took so freaking long to get these done.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day -


Elizabeth Prata said...

way cute!

Midnight? You ARE a busy bee, aren't you?!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colorful flowers! The red tea glass looks familiar? Did I guess right? H & A.

Nathalie Thompson said...

OhMyGosh! How fabulous are THESE? I just might unearth my doily crochet hook and take a stab at making some of my own. A friend recently sent me some balls of pearl cotton that I hadn't known what to do with. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

see you there! said...

Those are so cute. I can think of lots of uses for them. Guess I'd have to actually make some first tho.


Anonymous said...

They are here and I love love love them. Thanks so much. And it didn't take long at all. Go easy on yourself.