Friday, June 27, 2008

Tiny doileys

Last night we served our concession stand duties. After that we then had three hours of ballgames to sit through - I got home at close to 11.

I bought that motif book a couple of months ago and I am enjoying it so much. I made lots of a simple little flower that, once I made two, I could complete without the instructions at all. Last night I made these tiny doileys. The pattern if from the same book.

The first one required the standard learning curve stuff - read, stitch, " well crap" utterances, frog, start over. The center hole is a tiny bit small for the intended use - (I'll show that later - this is a CIP project. ) The second one went much smoother. I finished the third one just in time to pack up and go home.

These are not even large enough to use as a coaster. But they sure are pretty and easy to make. If made in a larger yarn - they would stitch together nicely for a blanket or a scarf.

Here's a closeup - please don't mind the stain - all of them will be washed and lightly starched before I use them. Or I may soak them all in coffee or tea for the weathered, vintage look.

I am using crochet cotton to make these - for the project I have in mind they will all be the same. Another version would have them in brights or soft pastels.

No work has occured in the studio this week, but we will get back to it. I really wanted to have a few freinds over for my birthday and be ready to play in there, but it's not ready for that.

Tomorrow there will be more of these babies made while I sit at a ball tournament. Sunday is a Piedmont Volleyball Social. Another busy weekend.

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.

Also there has been an update over at CIP today ---


Anonymous said...

Pretty doilies! have a nice busy weekend. Pray for cooler weather and rain. H & A.

ellen said...

Your doilies are beautiful and the cross stitch is fabulous. Someone is going to be thrilled!
I hope your weather cools off some. It's been 28 years since we lived in Georgia, but I have NOT forgotten the heat mixed with the humidity. It's like trying to breath peanut butter.
Happy weekend to you, you Wonder Woman!