Monday, June 30, 2008

glorious beauty

The Family Life Center at Jones Chapel is situated perfectly on a hill to provide some of the most breathtaking views of the sunset you will ever see. Quite often, we will gather everyone together to watch.

A soon to be married young couple sealed their engagement during a sunset there on a Wednesday night. Luke had carried that ring waiting for one of those nights because he knew that would be the perfect setting to ask Cortney to be his wife. (they met at the church)

Friday night was one of those nights, but not the sunset. There was a storm coming in and the clouds against the sun were gorgeous. I tried to capture the way the light outlined those clouds, but the photos really do not do this the right amount of justice.

The grandeur of God's creation is such a gift for us all. One of the things that changed when I was diagnosed, is that I now pay more attention to these small gifts. I see so many blogs out there (from all over the world) that celebrate these small details, so I know that many of you feel as I do. Even the smallest gesture - the tiniest detail - the celebration of a kindness - a single word of encouragement - is worth the effort it takes.

Celebrate something today - encourage someone today - you will feel better and so will someone else.

Now for a funny. I took the following photo on Friday afternoon on the four lane around Athens, GA. No matter what the scenario was, I am sure the words "OH SHIT" accompanied this occurance.

Please note - there is no lake (or any body of water) in the nearby area. When I drove by - there was no tow vehicle of any variety either.

Take a look ...........

It is a pontoon sitting on the grass on the side of the road. The trailer sits about 8 feet in front of the boat. I have no idea how this occurred. I just found it an oddity worth sharing. Why make things up when life presents so many rich opportunities for fun commentary? Like "maybe some drunk redneck saw the words exit ramp and thought he was already at the lake."

Okay ladies and gents - give me photo captions for this. On Tuesday at 5pm - eastern time - I will print them out and have local best friend choose the funniest one and send you a goodie from my out of control stash. Tell your friends to come and play too.

Have a wonderful day ------


Karen at junking in said...

One Summer Day ruined or Don't tell me you forgot to tie the boat down..............

Laura said...

They ain't kiddin' about this drought Bubba.

ellen said...

I think those photos are gorgeous. I always call clouds and views like those, "Biblical Skies". So humbling and inspiring.
O.K. here's my caption for the photo. Pardon my uneducated Southernese...and in no way am I insulting Southerners. I lived there for ten years and they are the politest and most generous people on earth.

"I swan, Buford! You done carried us to Lawst Lake!"

Carrie said...

"A Hitch in your git" or "A slight change in plans, Dear"

Roxie said...

"Honey, I think I shrunk the lake!"


"Rut row!"


"We can't afford the gas to cruise around the lake, so this is the next best thing!"

Elizabeth Prata said...

LOL! I took exactly the same photos! The sun behind the clouds that night, great minds and all that. It was so beautiful the scene practically sang "God" in holy tones from the Angelic chorus.