Wednesday, June 25, 2008


If you read here regularly, you know that I am not the best speller, and I often use run on sentences. More often than not, I am posting between customers and co-workers - and vendors interrupting me. (MaryAnn - that would be an excuse - lol) If I process a professional paper, for any reason, I spell check, and grammer check and read and proof and get someone else to proof. I take those papers seriously.

Some of you may use a feed reader for blog reading, I am so sorry when my repeat corrections give you false post information because I went back and corrected something I discovered.

On Friday, Molly and I were at her orientation. They gave us tons of paperwork. As we waited in the pre-assembly area for everything to start, both of us were reading stuff. I was looking at the schedule of events and the really pretty, shiny (interpret that as expensive and professionally printed campus map) I discovered that there was no STEWART HALL on the map and that we had a meeting there on the schedule. Molly and I were discussing this and then I noticed that this map had a SETWART HALL referenced. Yup - it was spelled incorrectly. My question to Molly ---- "isn't this an institute of higer learning -look there's an error on the map?" and we laughed (giggled)

Fast forward to the minimum computer requirements section of the same meeting. We were handed out a huge and detailed packet about the IT department and rules about computers, and servers, and antivirus software, also about the school's official email information. This packet was processed in a word processing software - by the IT department - and Molly leans over to me and says "isn't this an institute of higher learning - you would think people in the IT department would know how to use the spell check function?" Are you all ready for this ------- they misspelled the name of the school. instead of PIEDMONT they listed it as PIEDMNOT. and we giggled again.

Then I went to the housing and safety meeting and they gave us these wonderful, colorful packets about dorms. The packet included the standard dorm room dimensions and I immediately had difficulty. I am in construction sales (pretty plumbing fixtures) and I can stand blueprint walls up in my head, but I could not make this happen. Look carefully at the dimensions in the picture below and tell me what you think. Notice the dimensions across the top and bottom of the page.

Finally late that afternoon we get to tour these dorm rooms and here is what the room actually looks like. See the dimensions were right, but the wall on the left was drawn coming into the room instead of going out of the room. Molly and I looked at each other and simultaneously said "institute of higher learning" followed by pee our pants type of giggles. Her new roomie thinks we are nuts.

Speaking of the new roomie. Her name is Emily and because she will be a part of the graduate's life in a big way, I am sure you guys will "meet" her soon. The volleyball coach does not want players to be roommates, but a volleyball player can room with an athlete of another sport. Emily will be playing softball. Her dad is one of my customers. She played tournament softball with the valedictorian - Molly's BFF Brittany. She was concerned about getting a roomie that was not compatible with the required discipline of athletes and demanding majors. Chris -and I were talking about it and then kind of arranged the roomie set up.

Dry sense of humour is one similarity the two share. They are calling this set up an "arranged marriage." Actually for two girls who did not know each other, they hit it off immediately. They are going to have a blast and both families are very comfortable with the arrangement.

Why post this? MaggieGrace is a family place and serves as a journal of our life. This is a funny story that I want a record of for all of us. I also thought all of you might find the amusement in this like we did.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

Sounds great that Mollie & her roommate already teamed up. Mollie will do well and we are so happy for her. Best wishes to her. Love, H & A.

Karen at Junking in Georgia said...

I don't spell at least not well but I have learned to check and double check something the school might benefit from doing... ya think? glad it went well and that the summer is going good at your house

Carrie said...

Why the self-doubt about posting family stories? I love reading your's and everyone else's. I'm glad Molly likes her roomie. It's so hard to live with someone you don't like in such small spaces.

see you there! said...

Whatever that Institute of Higher Learning is charging it doesn't appear as tho the students are getting their money's worth does it? LOL!

Glad to here the roomie's have started out so well. That's a big step in the right direction.

Oh... BTW, I like reading about your family.