Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Just fun stuff ...

A few random images - some to fit themes going on in blogland. Some just because. I know somebody starts these themes, but I did not follw the links to find out. Sorry.

I left a comment on a blog for a new shop in Barcelona and won a little prize pack from them. (that is always so much fun) My package came yesterday. White pear tea, Chocolate, and a little beaded something. Go to www.vonblum.com to see the shop. Looks like a fun place.

A picture from work on Monday. In my grown up girl real job, I am a plumbing showroom manager. Yes - I sell toilets for a living - no - it was not what I always wanted to do. Yesterday a young couple was here to pick out the fixtures for their house and Jeremy chose to try on the tub. I know this couple and took the opportunity to snap this shot while he was sitting there. If you must know, lots of people get in the tubs, and many actually sit on the toilets to try toilet seats and heights. In 20+ years only twice has a child "used" a non working toilet in the store.

What I was doing last night at 11pm. I started earlier in the evening, and managed to get two coats of blue on this bookshelf for the studio. The top three shelf backs will be decopaged tonight with pages from an old boy scout handbook. The bottom shelf won't be noticed, so I simply painted the back of it.

Playing along - studio storage. Fun metal typeset dies in one of my printer trays. Loving the macro setting on the camera.

Another playing along - seeing RED -- a tiny bit of bright red crackled paint remains on this folk art flag hanging on my barn. This was painted by Liz Lampe - a wonderful friend of mine - many years ago on a salvaged piece of tin roofing.

Busy planning the graduate's beach trip - the softball princess is in the heat of summer workouts - playing the travel ball tournament schedule - working on the studio - summer is our busy time at work.

Miss Molly will be taking the camera to the beach next week. I need to plan some pictures ahead - any requests for things you would like to see around MaggieGrace World. Or even some open ideas for photos I'll be needing 5 ideas ------- help !!!!!

Hope this finds all of you having a wonderful day.

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Mrs. G. said...

I would be happy with simple shots of sunshine. Rainy in my neck of the woods.