Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sorry - I went MIA

Warning - really heavy on the photos here.

The softball princess went straight from the orthopedic office yesterday to the surgery center. Two pins, a metal plate, all from the exterior (no incisions) are holding the bone in place. We go back on Thursday the 26th for followup and maybe pin removal - then a real cast. estimated recovery time ---- 4 to 6 weeks. To answer Carrie's question - just abby's season is over. Both the travel and high school summer season remains in full swing. She was feeling good enough last night to go and sit through the practice. (The softball coach let the football coach know that --- girls are much tougher than boys) Today her she says her hand aches and she is taking her pain meds.

You know that I have to include beach pictures.

Misty (l) and Molly (r).

Left to right --- Molly - Brianna - Misty - Britt K - Britt E. Notice where they chose to hang out (lol) IS THAT A GOOD IDEA OF A PLACE TO PICK UP BOYS?????
Misty - Molly - Britt - this was a fabulous trip for them - they even brought money back with them. In addition to the money they returned with - and sibling gifts - they all brought home ....

these - thank goodness they are only henna - the white toenails and the heart belong to Molly.

While she was gone, I started a baby blanket and because I had lots of time in the ER and then watching over Abby for the weekend. Then two college world series games to watch (Go Georgia Bulldogs) and a Dr's appointment and surgery - I finished it. A granny square adaptation of my own design - using yarn I had - for a baby boy coming to the church family.

The colors are so very soft, but still boyish - and the multi-hued yarn was a dream to work with.
Sorry - this one is from late last night - but it shows the center medallion - a granny with added on triangles. What do you guys think about it?
While we were visiting with Grandmother and Granddady on Sunday, we started cleaning out the old house. (the cabinet in MaggieGraceWorld came out of this house). I got lots to share from there as i put the stuff into use.
Anyway - Ann says to me - I have some stuff for you.
Does a box that has this kind of label make your heart beat faster????
It does mine - look what was in there......

Buttons still on their cards....
I love these graphics...... I may scan this one and use it for some other things. I pulled all those out and look what was at the bottom....
Loose mother of pearl and other mixed ones... Look at the shamrock ones.

I picked out my favorites - black jet buttons with metallic edges. I promise I'll get a better picture of these -

Now people - I will share the man at my address, but his mother I am keeping all for myself.

You can be envious - but you have to admit - this woman has me all figured out.

Have a wonderful day.


Roxie said...

LOVE the buttons! That label would definitely make my heart beat faster.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what that item is with Liberty Life Insurance label on it?

Vallen said...

With the exception of the hand and surgery business it sounds like you all are having a mighty fine summer back there.

i am very mary said...

Poor Abby:( Lovely Molly:) And a haul of yummy in that box!

Fete et Fleur said...

The buttons are wonderful and the quilt is beautiful. They are receiving quite a treasure.


Laura said...

Awww.. I miss the high school PCB days. :) Looks like fun (except the men's room part, lol!).