Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Go DAWGS!!!!!!

Game one of the College World Series Finals ------ DAWGS beat the DOGS 7-6.

Requested shot of the softball princess and her teammates -- this was last Thursday night. She is at softball camp this week - watching. You have no idea how many people tried to get this photo. She just did not want to cooperate.

Here is a shot from this past Saturday between games. I was working on a scrap baby blanket and Renee wanted to learn. Her enthusiasm waned after about 40 chain stitches.

The finished scrap baby blanket. Made from those thick, chunky, bobbly yarns. I did have to buy some to make this one big enough to be useful. I will say - it is very soft and warm.
BTW - hop over to Carries' place - she has some wonderful news to share.
Then go look at Very Mary and David and tell her just how adorable they are. A message to Miss MaryAnn - you are allowed excuses if you would like. I think my message had a different intended audience.
Now for something new in Maggie Grace world.
Jason and Stephanie Danuser are (were) our pastor and his wife. The United Methodist Church moves pastors around routinely and they are leaving us. Stephanie gifted me with two huge boxes of yarn and stuff when her Grandmother passed away. In these boxes I found an unfinished doiley and her grandmother's hooks.
I wanted her to have them back - so I sorted through all the hooks and pulled out any duplicates (I gave those back too). I piled them on a tray - ya'll know how I work and then took a close look at the doiley. It was almost finished - two stitches - (her Grandmother was working on this and suffered a heart attack) - so I finished those last two stitches.
I found a shadowbox at Michaels and used a 50% off coupon to buy it very reasonably.
I fiddled around with the layout of the hooks and finally settled on a smallest to largest alternating arrangement. I measured and taped them together to keep them in order - then I sewed each hook to a piece of heavy felt that I had placed on some fabric in my oval quilt frame.
The doiley was pinned into place with some rust proof small pins that I beaded with seed pearls. I did this so that it can be removed for a "something old" in a future wedding if needed. What you cannot see is that I also placed a pin discreetly with a black bead marking the hook that I found with the doiley.

Here is a very poor picture of the opened shadow box (above) and one of the finished piece standing on my kitchen countertop.

It did turn out to be an amazing and touching memorial piece. I explained what I had done to complete the doiley and that everything can be disassembled if the need arises.

Jones Chapel will miss the Danuser Family - and we all pray them blessings in the future.

There has been much discussion in blogland about RAK - and while this was an act of kindness - it was not random. I am sharing it because the recipient was pleased with it - did not expect it - and gave me the permission to share it. The memories that go with all those things in that little box are important to her. I was concerned that she would find it to be "handmade" in that negative way, instead she was touch by the thought and the gesture. Reach out - if you feel led to create something specifically for someone - do it. Do not be afraid of the reaction - just put yourself out there. It will bless you in the making and them in the receiving. I dang well do not want to shortchange myself or anyone else of a blessing.

Have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

What a neat shadow box! Ideal memory box. AA

Carrie said...

What a great memory box! I bet she cried, I know I would have.

see you there! said...

Very Creative. I might have managed the idea of the doily in a shadow box but never would have come up with using the hooks too. What a wonderful gift. You are a good friend.


ellen said...

Teresa, this is just wonderful. I am sure that she will treasure it always.I know that I would.
I am working on a little thank you for a special family. I hope I can finish it up before too long.