Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Details, dumpster diving, and the call that stops your heartbeat

We will start with the phone call. The graduate came by my work yesterday when she got off at her work. We were not busy at the time and she stayed a little while with me. When she left - she was going by the bank and then home.

About 15 minutes after she left - my cell rings - it's her number - the call goes like this -

"mom - I'm fine - but this guy hit me at the light." Well it was minor very minor - everyone is fine - little damage to her vehicle. Dad does not agree with my handling of it, but tough - I made a decision and having lost too freakin' much in my life - I was simply counting blessings that she was just fine. It has been a few tough days at the Atkinson household. Notice - mom gets the call. Wonder why that is?

Now for dumpster diving. They are gutting the old middle school gym and on Monday night while I hung out waiting for Abby's softball team to finish practice - I noticed that these locker baskets were in the junk pile out back - along with some other stuff. I dug through and got these 5 baskets out of the pile. Right now they are waiting for a location either in the studio or in the house. I have no idea where they might land.

Details - Remember this post - and this one. Well last night I knocked the curtain off the list using that fabric. There was cussing involoved. I washed this lovely fabric and these 6 foot panels emerged from the dryer in a basketball sized bundle. I'm talking steam, sprinkle, AND spray starch. But look - it is gorgeous covering the closet opening in the studio. I love the ruffled look against those whitewashed rustic walls. I also finished all of the wall paint over the cabinet and hopefully will finish the countertop tonight. I painted this wall a beautiful battleship grey/blue. I am loving the beachy colors as I add them in here.

There was an anonymous comment on the post yesterday about the thing with Liberty on it. Well here is the answer - it is a needle threader. A metal needle threader.

With the instructions printed on the back -- this is cool and will be displayed on my doiley stretcher.
I washed up some of the buttons out of the box I posted yesterday - here is a better picture of some of my favorites. All mother of pearl. I adore the heart shaped one and the shamrock one.
This tin was also in the goodies my MIL sent home with us on Sunday.
I know what's in it - yes you will be jealous again - but you are going to have to wait until tomorrow.
Have a wonderful evening -


Carrie said...

eep! I'm glad she's ok. This makes bad thing #3 right? So it's over for a while. Hugs!

ellen said...

You certainly have had your fill. I hope this is the last misfortune. Scary for sure. I am so sorry about Abby's injury. Whew, you could use a good stiff margarita.
Those buttons are so very pretty. I am a bit green with envy!
Thank you for your kind comments on the blog. Always appreciated.
Oh, I have some envy for those baskets too!

Mrs. G. said...

I love the bath powder. I wanted to let you know I have you up for Slow Cook Thursday next week-I have everything I need. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about Molly's accident and so very thankful she wasn't hurt. Love, H & A.