Friday, June 06, 2008


Okay ladies and gentlemen - most people would consider me to be at least somewhat intelligent. I have had a terrible time with the freakin' blogger picture placement. I do not know why, but I have had a terrible mental block about it. I have a college degree in computer applications - so what was the deal? Be ready to insert your roaring laughter where ever you choose. I have been blogging for over two years now and have NEVER clicked the little tab that says "edit html" on my entry screen . I did that by accident this morning and discovered that I can cut and paste the text and picture code and put those bad boys any where I choose. STOOOOOOOPID - Now I am on a quest to really learn what all that code means -- I see all those pretty blogs out there and I know the secret is locked in all those strange looking codes. Confessions of an html beginner.

On to fun stuff. I got my package yesterday from Raesha's Ribbon Swap. Goodies galore.

I loved all of the different packaging of everyones' ribbon. One even contained my very first incoming MOO card. I just ordered and received my first shipment of those based on my flickr photos - man are they fun.

I do not know who bundled up this little joy. Great presentation. I love that people pay attention to those kinds of details.

What I never expected to get in a ribbon swap ---- beads and buttons - what a wonderful surprise. The wave ribbon pictured here came with fish beads - now how much fun is that.

next - the monsters are at it again - playing with the camera.

Quite obvious - the softball princess loves applesauce. Hence the name of this post - I do not know why she even bothers with the bowl -- she brings the jar, a spoon, and a bowl to the sofa. Her justification - fewer trips to the fridge for refills. Because of this type of eating habit - exhibited by both of them - I buy duplicates of many of their favorites (2 rolls of cookie dough to eaten out of the wrapper with a spoon, etc). Just random babble you probably have no interest in knowing.

Ya'll have a great weekend - my plans include a softball tournament AND worrying about a group of teenagers driving 6 hours alone to the beach on Saturday. Please remember them in your prayers.

See you Monday.


Karen at Junking in Georgia said...

ah yes, it isn't time that ages one it is teenagers driving in cars it makes you crazy as well.. you won't rest until she calls and says they are there then they have to come home.. Oy! take care

Elizabeth Prata said...

When you press the icon for uploading a photo, and the pop-up screen comes up, there's a layout choice, none-left-middle-right. Do you have that on your version of a blogger template?

Also, I learned how to put borders around my pics, you can toggle from "compose" to "edit html" which you found out, and find the place in the html language where it says "border="0". Insert your own choice here. I usually make my borders a '5'

and the < div >< /div > thingies in edit html window? I get rid of them. They force a division where I don't want one, they are the cause of the crunched up lines sometimes when everything looks smushed together. Same with < p >< /p > for paragraphs. And so on. I'd be glad to come over and show you what little I know!

I'll pray for traveling mercies on the kids.

i am very mary said...

And I learned that < s > and < /s > will result in the strikethrough!