Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A few quick pictures

I GOT A BOX ----- it was all wrapped up and proclaiming something called a fiesta. It was my birthday gift from the Queen herself. This box was battered and bruised - but the contents - not even a scratch - look a floppy brim crochet hat - a fabric flower pin and some way cool alphabet letters. Love it all - my dear friend.

A couple of pictures from the dining room floor - Beth - Molly grabbed those baskets for her room - hope thats okay.
More stuff - all school supplies.

And just so you guys don't forget - like you would - not even. Some peeks around the studio.
Jars of sorted stuff.
I am a paper whore. I only wish this was all of it. This is a serious problem for me. I'll be completing some journals inpired by the Secret Leaves ones next week.

More bottles. These stacking lab bottles are one of my favorite goodies ever from the man at my address. Buttons, beads, rocks are all stacked up and organized. This has been daunting to say the least. I am really embarrassed to say how (I really don't know the answer either) many times I have purchased duplicates of things because I just could not find what I was looking for at the house. I already love having all this space in the barn (it will not be enough) and I am being so careful with putting things away in some sort of organized fashion. Tonight will find the College Freshman beginning the clothes packing process. I'll be making two frames for them to use as dry erase boards outside the door. Hope to have more on that tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day all.


ellen said...

Love that floppy hat! What a sweet gift to you...and you deserve it.
The count down to college is going so quickly, isn't it? What a wonderful, scary, joyful and sad time. Such a turmoil of emotions right now, I know....but what a wide open, wonderful opportunity to such a lovely young woman who has worked so hard to be there.
Thinking of you and the whole family.

Vallen said...

Thank goodness it got there. Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful package and those bottles would go through the roof on ebay or Etsy! Gina