Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I feel like me again. College freshman is settled in. I miss her, but I have finally figured out what to do with myself. I did not wander around last night looking at all those blank spaces. What I did do was get the February (yes that's right) CIP packages ready to mail.

I have almost finished the tag package - headed to Sweden. The craft cabinet is almost empty and will be moving to my bedroom soon. Feels great to check some creative things off the list after an entire summer of college prep.

Please go read MaryAnn's post for today -

wow - what a perspective. I am really thinking about that one.

This next link comes with a warning. The site is completely pg-13. There are some censored postings, but the side trip is worth it. WARNING - DO NOT CLICK THE LINK WITH ANY FOOD OR DRINK IN YOUR MOUTH. BY THE 3RD ARCHIVED POST YOU WILL SPIT ALL OVER THE SCREEN AND WET YOURSELF LAUGHING. This is possibly the most hilarious site I have ever visited.

Now that you are all curious - click over to CAKE WRECKS. Please come back here and tell me if you reacted like I did - the giggle fit brought the boss over to see what was so funny - (I was reading the "olympic rings" post. )

People just do not get it. One of the tags I am making. The softball moms do not understand that I create to fill a void in me. Not to impress anyone. I find great pleasure in the time I spend working on things. I get a huge kick of repurposing and recycling thrifted or even "freebie" stuff. I worked on these all weekend at the tournament. The tags for Gina. More than one person looked at me with "that look", like why are you taking the time for that. You all know what I'm talking about.

I love coming here. Visiting with all of you. With all of you who "get it". With all of you who inspire me. Thank you all for the support you give and the inspiration I find at your places.

A message for ROXIE - the pill bottles have been collected over a long time. friends have saved them for me. We save them. Even my mom saves the dog med bottles (the blue and purple one) from Flopsy's heartworm meds.

Have a wonderful day -----


i am very mary said...

I get it;) But I wouldn't go backwards or forwards if I didn't get it. Get it?

Jeri said...

Hey, I understand people "not getting it" - your tag is neat ~ I'm enjoying your blog.