Monday, August 04, 2008

The five senses

The five senses
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follow the link to see more wonderful goodies. this is from Daily Poetics flickr set. I was amused and inspired by the entire set.

First lets take care of some fun stuff. My loverly Canadian Friend Ann-Margret is having a give away over at her place - go comment and sign up. The goodies - some gorgeous cards.
I also want to give a huge thank you to my friend Elizabeth. She is moving and clearing out some things at her house. I was gifted with 5 huge boxes of art goodies on Saturday. I took at least two boxes to the church resource room. The acrylic paints she gifted me with are packed in my studio and ready for my fall/early winter project - Christmas Program back drops. I have some things to go to a friend who works with disabled children. I already broke out some magazines for the kids at church yesterday. I also have to confess a bit of the clutter keeper that I am - I separated the vintage magazines to use for myself. (She has already cut these so that makes it easier for me to cut them too. ) I have so much respect for Beth in the decisions she has made in her life. She is incredibly smart and studies many things to broaden her learning. My biggest respect is her faith and Bible Study and willingness to follow God's direction in her life as well as sharing her faith with those she encounters. The good thing is she is not moving very far so we can continue to visit and share. I have opened my studio to her use and I really hope that she will take me up on that offer.

One more week - and the College Freshman will be off. I really have to remember to get a picture of what the dining room looks like. And some before and after pictures of the dorm room.

I worked in the barn LATE Saturday night. I have put up a significant amount of fabric. I have covered the closet with fabric. I sorted through the boxes that Beth sent home with me. I have a lot to accomplish still, but I am well on my way. As a friend and I discussed yesterday, keep plugging away at it in small increments and eventually it will be all moved and sorted. It is a dream already to be able to find stuff without too much effort. I confess too - I love working on and in that studio space - to be able to leave it and not have to clear everything away.

Hope this finds all of you having a wonderful day.

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