Thursday, August 21, 2008


eta - I received a note about the polyvore collages that the links in mine are not working properly to give credit to the appropriate people ( i think i need to go back to school on this one) I respect the all of the inspiring people out there so much that i will be deleting all of the collages until i can figure out how to fix the problem - I apologize to anyone who may have been offended. And I want to thank Jude at spirit cloth for letting me know there was a problem in such a kind and gracious manner. Please go see her beautiful work.

Okay - so the college freshman called last night. Seems there was a freak accident involving a shorted hairdryer, an electrical outlet, and a damp suitemate last night. Molly found her lying in the floor - unconcious - and burned on the side of her face. She is going to be okay, but it sure scared everyone.

I am having a blast assembling these image collages. I have now discovered that you can click on the collage and if you have imported the images the software gives a link back to the picture. Way cool.

I particularly love these images. The fabric square at the top right is my favorite, I'll be making an adaptation of these for a bridal shower centerpiece in the near future. These have an opening in the center and the creator refers to them as vases. I'll be making them with skirts to hold single flower stems in can's or jars. I'm thinking in various shades of fall and yes - I have PLENTY of fabrics to choose from.

I am still carrying that bag of crochet tag creations around. Great to work on in the heat. I am also cross stitching on the top secret project at night in my recliner and still moving and sorting and organizing in the studio. Nothing really photo worthy.

The title of this post reflects me organizing all of my inspirational photos in that computer folder into the wonderful pattern collages. I love the grouping of the items, making a family or themed presentation. You can play for free too --

Now I have to say - my favorite software (aka tools) online are as follows

you guys have any more links (time wasting websites) to share.

Have a wonderful day all.


jen b said... is a new favorite

tipper said...

Scary issue with the hair dryer.

I too love to make collages!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Wow--what a scary thing.

I'm addicted to Wordle.