Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vintage Images

Good morning, friends. How is it that I can completely lose myself for two hours making tags?

That is exactly what I did last night. As a part of the tags that Regina wanted, she asked for some vintage images. So last night, I dug out some vintage magazines from the 60's and clipped images as they struck my fancy. I have not got tv in the studio and I wanted to at least hear some of the convention stuff, so I hauled the makings for these back into the kitchen and worked on these.

I punched the mailing tag shapes with my Sizzix Die Cutter. The larger ones are cut the old fashioned way, with scissors after tracing the shape onto the images. Glue stick. Glue Gun. Ink pads. Stuff from various family sewing boxes and here we go.

These little colored images were from an ad about a musical. This one turned out to be my favorite of these. I have no idea where the button came from, it is one of those covered buttons that my grandmother used to use on all of her dresses so it more than likely was hers. The "lily" name label was from some vintage floss. (So sad - I even save those tiny labels) I really like the hint of red fishnet stockings in the illustration. I distressed the edges of these by dragging the tags across stamp pads.

FYI - these tags were cut from the heavy brown cardstock that comes in a pack of scrapbook paper. (Yes - I save that too)

Another fun image - and I had those hooks and snaps that finished this to perfection.

Cute little high school girl. Can't you just imagine the pretty blouse and matching bow in her hair.

I have no idea what these ties are made of, I know it is vintage, cotton, and it was in my nanny's stuff. I looks like those aggravating hanger loops that most dresses have on them. (you know the ones you cut off immediately to keep them from hanging out the neckline. yes - I save those too.)

I hope this find all of you having a wonderful day.


Sherry said...

I love your tags!! The bra one is so cute!

Have a great Friday!

ellen said...

Fantastic and so creative!

see you there! said...

I love them all. I'm afraid you've made me want a tag cutter tho.


BTW - there's a giveaway going on at my place.

tipper said...

I totally love love your tags. All are very neat. I save those hanger loops too. Sometimes they're pretty ribbon that can be used in/on all sorts of things.

Jeri said...

I really like the tags you've made!