Monday, August 18, 2008

This is a serious issue people ...

I found out this weekend that a friends teenager is "cutting herself". Breakup with the first boyfriend triggered it. People you cannot love a child out of this. This issue needs immediate and professional intervention. What causes personally destructive behaviors? Myriad reasons. Teens are expecially at risk for lots of these behaviors. Be vigilant - hell - be nosy - ask questions - who? what? where? when? know your child's friends - know your child's normal behaviors - be involved. When you signed up as Mommy, you signed up for the hard stuff too. You signed up to be the parent -NOT THE FRIEND. Keep that perspective please - it is important. There are moments when the last thing you want to hear is the words "I hate you" because you are trying to lead them in the right direction. They really don't hate you and they know you love them.

Stepping off the soapbox now.

The college freshman came home this weekend - complete with laundry. How cliche is that? So I took her to the laundromat in town (we are still struggling with our well at home) and made her wash them. That backfired as far as she is concerned. I fully enjoyed having her home and in all honesty - her leaving yesterday was harder than last week, so I retreated to my "space".

I am down to sorting all that little stuff that drives you crazy.

I need not purchase any white glue in the near future. I found a shoe box full in the bottom of the craft cabinet. Yes this is embarassing.

What to do about these hanging craft bags. Take 1/2 of a cheap dollar tree plate drying rack and screw it to the wall. I can flip through these quickly - fun stuff. I have some more of these bags too -

Buttons, beads, bottles. These are my drugs of choice. Stress relief - relaxation - sleep aid - revitalization aid - blood pressure reduction - these little bottles cover it all.

After the entire afternoon of sorting and putting away stuff, I fixed a little card for Molly and mailed it in an envelope that Ann-Margret made for me. Then I took a magazine page in the house and made one of my own - fun stuff - there will be lots more of these. Then I spent some time cross stitching on the top secret project while I watched Law and Order and Cold Case.

More sorting tonight - then some silver work.

Have a great day.


Roxie said...

Wonderful organizational ideas, but how did you get the pill bottles?

see you there! said...

Laughed at the laundry tale. Everyone in the family can help and needs to tune in to teens. Our 11yo GD is so close to her Grandpa. She already asks if she can tell him "a secret, just between us two". He has told her yes, it can be a secret as long as it isn't something that is dangerous or harmful to herself. Then he would Have To speak to her parents. He keeps her secrets too.

I'd probably do her laundry tho. Nana's can do that - they don't have to teach those lessons :-)

Always love your family stories.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I don't get the cutting thing at all. I am happy that the nurse at our high school (a friend of mine) has a great rapport with the kids and they will confide in her about things like this.

jen b said...

some great organizing tips here. i am giggling at all your glue. i have done that sort of thing to many times to count.