Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A blatantly stolen idea

Over the last year, I have been reading the Pink Roses blog. I started reading when I happened across it and realized that Suzanne is from my neck of the woods. I kept reading because she is so creative and wellspoken and she's a mom.

Suzanne now has two kids in college. An accomplishment I cannot imagine. But the idea that I stole from her was one she was doing for her daughter when she went off to college. Every week there was an encouraging card sent to her daughter. A handmade card. Her daughter displayed them all in her room and this was special for the two of them. I decided when I read it that it was something I wanted to do for my girls.

Sorry about the picture, I snapped this just before I dropped it in the mail - so I can't retake it.

These are flat cards - not quite postcard sized. I just threw together bits and pieces on the front - and a personal message on the back.

The one I sent last week was entirely different, but I put it into a handmade envelope that my friend Ann-Margret made.

This is a fun way to send her just a few lines of love from home.

We have an unexpected night off here - softball cancelled because of RAIN - desperately needed rain - so no complaints. I'll be cleaning - you know you are too busy when you look forward to a night just to clean.

You all know how I feel about sports and the good things that kids get from participating. God knows we are involved with our monsters and we support so many other sports in the area. We are in a small rural area of north Georgia, yet our softball field complex was ranked nationally. Quite an honor for small town America. How did this happen? With a ton of community support and the parents hard work. We cut grass, paint dugouts, hang netting, and anything else that needs to be done. We rely on donations for supplies, transporting the girls - feeding them - equipment. On and on - and all of these donations are so appreciated.

Having said all of that, I believe every sports program is worthy of that kind of support. One of my Very First blogging buddies was MaryAnn over at A Very Mary Design. She is the Very Mom of a Very Special young lady, who is a competitive swimmer. Again being from a small town, they need a little extra support for their team and facilities. The Very young woman is asking for help with some of the fund raising. If you can spare some loose change, or a few dollars, please consider sending it her way. I got my envelope addressed to go.

I do hope all of you are having a wonderful day.


Sherry said...

My mom used to send me a card a couple of days before I arrived at Girl Scout camp so the very first day I was there I received a letter from home. That always meant so much to me.


i am very mary said...

I sent the girlio a bday package! I hope it's arrived by now:)