Friday, August 15, 2008

Glorious Rainbows

Yes - Darla - I said 50 tags to Sweden. After I posted that I would sell some of my tags, I received an email from Gina at SoulGlo with a request for several. She is struggling with inspiration and materials in her tiny town which seems to have so very few mixed media people around.

I emailed her back and we kind of defined some customized packages for her and the qty determined was that about 50 will fit into a padded mailer. So 5 little tag packs in one bigger envelope will be completed before the weekend is over and on there way to a tiny little place in Sweden. No huge story - but isn't this a wonderful medium for meeting friends all over the world.
By the way - please go by her place and give a little inspirational feedback.

Today is the college freshmans 18th birthday - it is also her maternal and paternal great grandmothers birthday too. Just a fun little family fact. I won't see her today - but since I am but an email/text message for her already - I have sent her a happy birthday text message. We are not skipping the celebration - she is headed home tomorrow evening.

The Softball Princess has been cleared to play and although rusty from lack of practice, she will be taking the field tonight.

It's a good day.

Now about the picture.

I ran across this fabric panel last night, it was the thing that sent me right on over the emotional edge. I had my good cry that I have been putting off all week and now that's over with and I feel so much better.

Molly took her feather mattress pad with her, so I was looking for a mattress pad to put back on her bed. As I dug through the cedar chest I ran across a stack of these neatly folded rainbow fabric panels.

They are soft (having been washed many times). Still have the slevedge on them. Are approximately 8 feet log each and are hemmed on each end. It's just fabric and I have tons of fabric, so why did they send me over the edge?

We lived in a temporary place when I was pregnant with Molly. No paint on the walls and her nursery was a dark wood paneling. So I shirred this fabric and hung it on the walls of the nursery. The entire room was covered with this fabric and the project almost resulted in her being born without a father. (warning all husbands and fathers to be - NEVER decorate with a very pregnant woman if you have any intention of having an opinion about the project - negative or disagreeing male opinions that are voiced can result in murder)

When we moved to where we are now, I took the walls down and these pieces became the makings of many a dining chair tent. They have been the tablecloths on camping trips and picnics. Lightweight sheets for summer time naps on grandmother's bed. Curtains in a bedroom. Teddy bear blankets. Seat covers under the infant and toddler carseats in the cars. Folded into padding for the bleachers at sporting events. Packed in a bag as a top sheet for church and ball camp. Beach blankets. Even covers for the sofa on a tummy ache night. So many uses. So many memories. A realization of all those tiny moments that make up family bonds.

That's why these triggered the flood of healing and joyful tears. After I wiped my tears on a corner, I folded them and put them back in the cedar chest. When Miss Molly chooses to make a grandma out of me - that baby will be given a quilt backed in these wonderful panels and they will become the beginning of their family stories, but having a history already.

Tell me about the things in your house that would open the tear floodgate.

Have a wonderful day.


Anonymous said...

That was a lovely post and Miss Molly will thank you for saving the fabric and the memory to share with future generations...Gina
Thank you also for the tags! I cannot wait!

Anonymous said...

Ungrateful me! That was a lovely shout out you gave me! Thank you SO much! I don't know why but I read it in reverse!, LOL!!!

Carrie said...

Snort! The dang comericals on the tv are making cry. The olympic are making me cry......gee, I wonder what is wrong with me. ;-)

I love the Idea of haning fabric on the walls. I think I'm going to steal that idea. As soon as I know the gender, I'm going to start looking for the perfect theme.