Friday, August 08, 2008

Escape route

If I go missing, this is where you will find me. I will be in MaggieGrace world. More than likely, I'll be by myself after Sunday. The College Freshman joins me on occasion, but the rest of the crew at my address, very seldom.

I have the cabinet in the dining room almost empty - I have the corner of the bedroom almost empty. The dining room floor will automatically clean itself with the exit on Sunday. I have no idea what I am going to do with myself next week.

Good things are on the horizon for that though - distractions of a sort. Tuesday night I'll be out of town for work and in meetings all day Wednesday. Thursday - will find me working the back gate for the Lead-Off Classic softball tournament and Friday - College Freshman's 18th - find me taking Softball Princess to the doctor and then going to dinner with Molly. A busy week to take my mind off things.

Yesterday - huge stress filled - I took lunch time at 3pm - sold product to a friend (not really ever a great idea) equivalent of Nightmare on Elm Street. I escaped to the barn quite early in the evening - still cleaning and putting things away. I have to say it is fun to see all these storage thingies I have thrifted over the years -beginning to come together. The picture above is the end of a sewing machine drawer - I have others somewhere. This has notecards and envelopes in it. The knob is long gone - missing when I bought it - but I still love this piece.

More storage - metallic braids in a jar - a riot of colorful ribbon bits - more of those labelled cigar boxes. The paintbrushes are in a clear cookie container with string wrapped tins in it to keep them a little separated.

Way back last May, I repurposed this shot glass shelf. For the beginning - look here. I have had it loaded with some of my stamps all this time. It was leaned up against the island between the living and dining rooms. I have known exactly where it was going to live in the barn since we put the windows in. I hung this baby last night anad rearranged stamps, inks embossing powders and the like. This is really high, but I will be keeping a ladder in the barn and I chose carefully what to put on those higher shelves. Some of the smaller stamps are in the print tray to the right. I still have some painting to accomplish - then a ton of things to hang on the wall in several places.
I also sorted all my cross stitch fabric and kits into two different zipper storage bags (like those that blankets come in). I need a few more of these bags for fabric and such, but I'll just use what I have for now.
I REPEAT - I DO NOT NEED TO BUY ANY MORE STUFF FOREVER. You all have a job - reminding me of this fact.
Hope you guys all have a great weekend. Mine will be busy and emotional - I really can't believe the time to let go is really here. Wow - time flies.
Til Monday.


Karen Junking in Georgia said...

You are going to be fine.. it's ok to cry and be happy all at the same time.. and you will not have to wait long until you see her... good luck to you all ....

Anonymous said...

Yes, you all will miss the college's ok. Be happy that she has been a success in the past and is now moving toward much more success. Love her and cover her with prayer. Love to all, H & A.