Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sunrise / sunset

Sunset over Denali, photo by Roy Simpson

The majesty of God's creation. Gorgeous.

What I want to say today will be better left unspoken. I am maturing - because now I recognize that keeping my mouth shut is the better option.

There is a plus to the day - a co-worker with one of the most disrespectful attitudes I have ever seen - is off today and tomorrow. No conflicts there.

I got some crochet time in during the softball meeting last night.

Emotionally - I am on a seesaw this week - I am excited for Molly. We have reached the point of release for her to take the next step. I am so proud of her. I have concerns and I know how lonely and quiet the house is going to be. I am pondering the last 18 years and wondering if the next 18 will flash by like these did. I spoke to my friend Melissa this morning. She released her oldest last year and is letting the 2nd one go this fall. She understands completely why I am quiet and introverted - as she says " the emotions are in full conflict and you feel funny talking about it because you know so many others are going through it and they all seem to be fine." Finding my way - through another challenge - but you know I would not miss this for the world.

She is a great kid. We have been blessed with very few challenges from her. She is smart and funny and ready. She is so excited and I am too.

Have a wonderful day all.

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Karen Junking in Georgia said...

I wish her a wonderful beginning, a day you will both long remember.. and you are so right... swiftly follow the years.. time goes by too quickly... I send you a hug .. take care