Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rustic elegance

eta - I received a note about the polyvore collages that the links in mine are not working properly to give credit to the appropriate people ( i think i need to go back to school on this one) I respect the all of the inspiring people out there so much that i will be deleting all of the collages until i can figure out how to fix the problem - I apologize to anyone who may have been offended. And I want to thank Jude at spirit cloth for letting me know there was a problem in such a kind and gracious manner. Please go see her beautiful work.

I am learning how to make these image mixes. None of these photos are mine and unfortunately I owe a ton of people an apology for not having credits - I do know that the lower right hand image is from Dawn athe The Feathered Nest blog on my sidebar. If one of these images is yours - I will be happy to give credit.

I will be using this free software to make image collages for customers. I can't wait to email a sample to the other girls in showrooms throughout the company.

I called this one "rustic elegance" and this is me. The furnishing are faded - in naturals and neutrals - loving the his and hers bathtubs. and the mixed fabrics.

By all means --- go play. It is easy once you figure it out. I'll be making more of these for mood and inspiration collages.

Have a great day.

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Tipper said...

Very neat!