Friday, October 03, 2008

603 - another wall (and don't forget))

Good morning and thank you, God, it is Friday!!!!!!!!!

This has been a long and drawn out week. Business is slow so I have been cleaning at work - you know all those tasks you put off - like filing, purging, getting rid of the random assorted stuff that accumulates in the back corner of the desk drawer. I was on a roll and we had no softball last night, so that continued in an area of my kitchen.

When I am working at the table in MaggieGraceWorld, I tend to face this wall. A design wall was one of the biggest criteria, after storage, in my studio. The cork squares are 12x12. I bought them at WalMart, when we first started, and I think they came out to about 1.25 each. The cork part of this is 7 feet square. I just glued them to the foam insulation board with Liquid Nails construction adhesive. You could do this on a finished wall with command strips and have the options of taking it down. I can throw my flannel backed cloth up there over all the inspiration stuff and I can use this for patterns and stuff as well. This wall is on the left when you walk in. The blue stripe at the top is the ceiling insulation, saving for another box of ceiling tiles.

I cropped the bottom of this - hiding some of the mess that still needs to be put away.

Again I am bringing you in closer. The quiltlet below remains a favorite. Many years ago, I joined a cross stitch round robin group - well before online swaps and collaborations. Each preson chose a theme and stiched a section of their piece along with layout markings for the other sections, then sent it on it' s merry way.

My theme was "WORDS OF WISDOM" and the top left square is mine. The other squares were chosen by the stitchers as the recieved the package. The best part of this - one of the stitchers dropped out of my group - I could have finished it myself, but I asked my mom to do a square. Her square is the bottom right one. I am so happy to have this with both our work on it.

I finished it as a quiltlet and for years it hung on the back of my rocking chair. It hung there for so long, that I almost did not even notice it. I like it pinned to my board.

Other items - punched flowers from gift packages, Cards and things made by friends. All kinds of things are starting to circle and fill this board. I like the idea of filling it over time and adding and subtracting as the notion strikes.

The heart below is another favorite. I cut several of these from a tattered hand pieced quilt that Mama Norvan gave me. I left the edges open and have used these in several places aroud the house. I love the shirting scraps and the random size of the scraps. The quilt this came from was functional and well used - never intended for display - but for keeping someone warm in the cold.
Across the top are pictures of family and friends. The very things that keep you heart full. Memories and love and support and encouragement - all that and so much more is represented by this board. Just imagine how fabulous it will be when it is full of goodies.

DON"T FORGET - I'll be drawing a name from the comments on this post around lunch today for the embellished journal (and a few other things too). Please go leave a comment. I allow anonymous ones - if you put your name and email in there comment.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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