Friday, October 10, 2008

It was not chosen .....

"Stonework and Stained Glass" a 5x5 inch art quilt made using recycled, repurposed, and unconventional materials

With a lot of encouragement from many of you, I submitted this project to Quilting arts as a part of the "go Green challenge". The results were published in the last two issues, but this was not chosen. I am a little disappointed, but still, this is a work that I am incredibly proud of. I will also be submitting many many more pieces to magazines.

I posted some sneaks while I was working on this, but I wanted to share the final piece. I will frame this and let this one be all mine. Not much of my work is displayed in my home, but this one will be.

What did I learn from this process? My work quality is better with every item I create. My ideas can be translated from my brain to whatever medium I choose to work in. In comparing this to the published ones, I am not at all embarassed by this piece. I can do this.

I have other things in the works right now, but the year 2009 will be a year for pushing my art and craft out for people to see. That will be my focus. Maybe some sales and definitely some viewings - I'll see.

Thank you all from the very bottom of my heart for your encouragement and inspiration.

Hoping that tonight I can finish the lacework crochet edging on a baby blanket. This one is so very pretty. I'll share it on Monday.

I would like to hear/see your thoughts about this art quilt.

Have a gret weekend.

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Merci-Notes said...

I agree, different mediums and various challenges really help us to grow! I love how you have the pebbles, wire, cloth and of course the hearts all woven and intertwined.
I love rocks, but maybe my favorite part is the wire you have twisted and the hearts at the end. (for me, I see a tree with love at it''s ends.)
With Kindness,