Thursday, October 09, 2008

I got mine --------

ETA - this took on a much more political and personal tone than I intended - the book is beautiful and well worth the purchase as a luxury. Remember that word - this book was a want - not a need and I spent money I had put back for this type of item to buy it. Luxuries are important but it is so important that you clearly identify wants and needs.

I love Magnolia Pearl. I clipped a photo of a bag years ago and still go back to it on occasion. I have drooled over articles about Robin's home and lifestyle. I have even posted about her site and blog here. So when I saw she was publishing a lifestyle book - it was a had to have one for me. I preordered my copy from Barnes and Noble. It came yesterday.

I have only had the opportunity at this point to quickly thumb through and look at the eye candy. There is a gracious plenty of it. The quote above will be added to my collection of quotes. I was thirty five years old before I figured out this bit of wisdom for myself.

I needed my mothers approval and company. We were so uncomfortable with one another (for so many reasons) that much of the time we spent together was centered around shopping - the distraction of pretty things was just enough to keep the disagreeing and nerve grating to a minimum. Her stroke a few years back has made such a difference in how we interact - in a good way.

Filling voids with buying stuff is such an adder to the budget strains many people are facing. Guilty. Me. Yes. But so much less of that occurs now than in the past. My studio is a prime example there. Spending only what we had available - finding ways around the budget constraints. Satisfaction of having all that knowledge and a place to call my own.

I have some beautiful frames that I'll be adapting this idea to.

I am glad Mom and I spent all that time together - and I am so happy that we have advanced to a better place that does not require all that distraction. Now that the studio is where I can work in it instead of on it, we can spend time there with the only distaction being the making of fun things.

Look at that shirt/jacket. Vintage embroideries. Yes the vintage is beautiful, but unfortunately expensive. But what is to keep me from finding a plain white shirt and embroidering my own - there may even be a shirt hanging in either a closet at home or local best friend's closet that can be repurposed? Nothing. I have the skills. God knows I have the floss. What will I get out of the deal? An item I will love to wear and the knowledge that I made it. Economic gains - very little spent on the item except time.

Shredded - tea dyed - muslin. Got tons of muslin at my house - time spent with my mom - I have some outdated tea bags too. MMMMMM - see things there. And no need to worry about what others think about the new curtain toppers in my bedroom. I like the look and I have the stuff already - see how this new thought process works.

Economy issues abound because we were living so far beyond our means. This was the American way. The banking people told us (misled us is a better way to say it) that we could pay the minimum and still have what we wanted. Notice I used the word wanted. We used to joke about how Mama Norvan kept tinfoil - washed and reused it. Now everyone in America is conserving and trying a "green" approach. Personally - I have not used a credit card in at least 9 years. The scary part - I just paid of my last individual one. We have some joint accounts to go. NINE YEARS OF FOCUSED PAYING. OF ADDING EXTRA MONEY TO PAYMENTS. NINE YEARS TO PAY OFF A STEAK DINNER ON A FRIDAY NIGHT THAT I CANNOT REMEMBER. NINE YEARS TO PAY OFF A DRESS THAT I CANNOT WEAR NOW. NINE YEARS TO PAY OFF THINGS I WANTED. The banks made those little luxuries become so common that I cannot even remember what we spent money on.

An outdoor sitting space would be a luxury - but instead of instant gratification - how about spending some time with my Mom and others cutting the trees off of our property - then assembling them. I have so many fabrics (remember the spending sprees) that I can easily duplicate the fabric accessories without spending any MORE. Sure I would love to buy some more pretties, but I have plenty of stuff I can use.

This is a luxury I have longed for. An outdoor bathing space. I have several clippings of outdoor tubs and showers. And I wait. I have a great space for one, but the money is just not there. And I wait.

This book is a serious eye candy book. But the lifestyle and look are so achievable for me. Maybe that is a sign that I am finally overcoming the demons that create the hole in me that needs to be filled with new stuff. The demon that needs instant gratification has been quieted too. Maybe that is why the look and lifestyle featured in the book are appealing to me - with patience and hard work - I can have it too.

Now to find a white shirt.........

Have a great day.


Carrie said...

Again, I tell you, I want to be you when I grow up! I'm already 1/2 way there, but I'm still working on the spending thing.

Laura said...

Mmmm... I never forget a good steak dinner. Sometimes I forget the 2nd bottle of wine though. ;)

see you there! said...

What a wonderful use you've made of the book. Inspiration for many things. I like MP but now I like her even more.


Jeri said...

I'm waiting for my outdoor shower too! Last summer I thought the time had come but as you've stated, the money wasn't there!! I used to visit an NC beach cottage that had the most wonderful outdoor shower - there's nothing like it!!