Monday, October 13, 2008

really IMPORTANT life questions...

And thoughts to ponder.

I teach Sunday School - 3 and 4 year old kids. The pastor's teenage daughter, Robin, helps me. I love this part of my week. I love these kids. Breaking the Bible stories down to a level that kids understand and that will keep their attention is sometimes very difficult. I have learned so much doing this for the last 15 years.

I have discovered as well - the writers of programs for this age group more than likely have never attemped to complete the list of songs, lessons, games, and projects that are recommended every week. I pick and choose from the mix and attempt to get just one or two points across.

Every now and then we have a Sunday where I think those kids may be the real teachers and I come away wondering what happens to the "fun stuff" when we all grow up.

Take yesterday -- I left with these thoughts to ponders

Why do they call it a safety pin? Complete with lessons on sharp points and protective covers.

Yes - we took pictures of the bottoms of the shoes ---- a little different take on the shoe photos that Jen loves so much. The smaller ones on the left have words on them reminding kids that you need to run - jump - play. Yes ELI we all need to do some of that every day. The larger ones on the right - those are scoopers and dumpers accoording to owner WILLIAM. Upon noticing these bottoms -William came up with the question of "what do your shoes have on the bottom?"

My shoes were just plain - Robin's have running shoe type treads. The next question was the one that floored me and have really had me thinking - "Why don't big people's shoes have fun stuff on the bottom?" I don't know. Maybe because we are too busy to notice. Maybe because we won't appreciate the appearance of scoopers and dumpers. MMMMMMM. pondering. Maybe because we have often forgotten to just have fun???

How much more difficult could it be to add a word to the bottom of a shoe tread? Maybe a word like - smile - beautiful - magic - special. Or a flower - or a truck - or a fish - or a deer. Who knows - how about a command - like - maybe -- GO HAVE SOME FUN.

Why do you think big people shoes don't have fun stuff on the bottom?????? Does it even matter to you? Would you even notice?

One more life lesson - little cups of rocks are worth saving and sharing with mom and dad. It really does not matter what you choose to share with others - it only matters that you do share.

Watch out for little ones - if you pay really close attention to them - you may relearn to have enthusiasm for life. How scary could that be? Me - I can't wait to see what I learn next Sunday.

There you go, Lannae, my conclusions on what we learned yesterday. Oh and the SS lesson was about the Tower of Babel (also known as the Eiffel Tower to two 3 years olds).

I spent some time making stocking stuffer type paper goodies last night in MaggieGraceWorld. I found these instructions over at the Artful Gathering Blog. Quick and easy to make, I finished mine off a tiny bit different. I stapled them and then covered the end with a "sleeve of paper" held in place with double stick tape.

I made two of these to include in a very late birthday gift. Ready for notes or recipes or embellishing or whatever. These were made in the exact dimensions given in the tutorial.
Then I went digging and found some long skinny paper - 2.5 inches strips. I thought would make wonderful phone list or Christmas gift list sized ones. Imagine a tab for work - kids - friends - emergency - foods - all those number that we write on the marker board. Or a tab for those Christmas gift lists. These will also glue into scrapbooks to add additional journal space on a page. Or use as a bookmark and take your notes as you go. Versatile and quick and easy to make.

I made this many in about an hour. Thank you so much, Elizabeth, I kept several of those paper scraps that you gave me to disperse. You will recognize some of these as coming from you.

I'll be making some of the larger ones for the Embroidery Guild and putting my ATC for each person on the first page.

Note - I did make some with paper that was just printed on one side - I just doubled it and folded in a front/back arrangement. This gives a few extra pages and some variety in the patterns that show in the stack. I like those too.

Have a wonderful day - - - how about you take just a few minutes and PLAY.


Lannae Johnson said...

Love this post! William is sitting in my lap and said, "My work shoes!" He is completely fired up to see himself on Ms. Teresa's blog. And yes, we have our cup of rocks on the kitchen counter :) Have a great week, and why don't you just write something cool on the bottom of your shoes - I think I will!

Queenly Things said...

I hav a couple of pair of shoes with delights on the sole - one a flower and one a star. I would totally buy shoes for what's on the bottom.

Jeri said...

Maggie Grace, neat book gifties, and yes, you are correct about them being quick & easy to make.

Vicki C said...

OH MAN... how fun it that... our creative minds are always at work! lol (even if it's looking at the bottoms of shoes). Thanks for sharing this post... kinda fun to know that someone else's creative eye is seeing designs in "everyday" things LIKE SHOES!!! Too Funny!