Wednesday, October 22, 2008

She paid me with a chair....

Last night found me laughing and sharing with my mama. She had asked the Man at my Address to check her furnace before she fired it up for the season. (HVAC is his chosen field). This week of no softball is allowing us to catch up with these visits so off we went.

While he checked the furnace, she and I visited. We looked at quilts (her new table top sized ones are wonderful), cross stitch, thrifted finds, etc.

He also fixed the vacuum cleaner for her and I reprogrammed her tv for the extra cable channels she purchased. Note to CATV providers, please send service personnel who are sensitive to older people not as comfortable with technology as you are.

After all that we just visited and talked across the baseball show he was watching. Yes, that drives him crazy, but he should have just moved to the chair closer to the tv. I was working on the first lace wing button angel - there will be more of these - and mom noted that I was using mother of pearl buttons.

I have buttons - lots of buttons, she asked if I would like a few of hers to go on the angel. Okay - as sick as I am about "stuff" - I cannot hold a candle to this woman. She emerged from her sewing room with 5 (yes I said 5) gallon sized glass jars full of assorted vintage and new buttons. OMG - it was like button heaven. The Man just rolled his eyes and settled in for a really long visit.

As we were leaving, she offered to pay us for the work he did. Of course there was no money exchanged, but this chair was on the front porch and she was taking it to the barn to store.

Look - its perfect for the studio. She bought it at a yard sale for a couple of dollars and recovered it. She had just found another one she likes better, so this one gets to come live with me. So many rocking hours have worn the rocker bottoms, that it won't even rock any more. I am so happy about where it fits in here.

The fabric draped on the back is for the ATC project. The addition of this will allow 4 or 5 of my family and friends to join me in the barn for drinks and snacks -- way cool in my opinion.

The next picture is od the button angel. Carrie had given me some wonderful antique lace and I immediately saw angel wings. I stiffened and glued the lace to the words and music from a Christmas book and added glass glitter. I love how the sheer lace lets the music show through. A stamped serene face and a string of buttons for the body.

She is pictured with the buttons I snatched out of the one button jar we played in. I'll get her completely assembled and hang her for a final portrait in the next few days.

I have a feeling today could be a little trying. I left my cell phone at home. When I went back to get it, I locked my keys in the house. Abby left her key in the house. AND the spare was used because she had left hers so it was in the house. The Man was in the shower, so we had to wait for him to let me back in. Crappy start to my day, but the girls got a great laugh about it.

Hope ya'll have a better start to your day.


Anonymous said...

The chair is just perfect for your studio. Enjoy!! Love, Ann

Carrie said...

arrggghh! I can't see any of the pictures!!!! I'll have to wait until I get home and see if they work there. Dang random sonic wall.

see you there! said...

Great chair and that little button fairy is going to be just perfect. Sounds like you had a good time with your Mama.