Thursday, October 16, 2008

I learned somethng new last night - pg rated

Look at the color in the photo below. Yummy.

I got home at a decent hour last night - like 6:30 pm. The first thing I noticed was this package of yummy on my side porch. Love the colors on that paper. My buddy Jen sent me inspiration - even the note gives me a wonderful idea for a baby quilt.

I immediately grabbed a water bottle and took off to the studio to accomplish something I have been intending to try. One of the items in this package was a fabulous soldered bird charm/ornament/pendant.

I keep picture frame glass when I mount mixed media work. I had it all in a file box. I had already aquired the little glass cutter thing. I bought the SallyJean book way way long ago. But apparently was afraid of the entire thing.

Well last night, I decided it was time to learn. And learn I did, and heck this is easy. I did kill one 8x10 piece of glass in the process of learning. But after several tries I finally figured it out. Tonight - I'll try to get back out there and attack the soldering.

Here is where I left it last night. Handmade paper, vintage lace and sheet music, a leaf punch -- this is the intended "front" of the charm. It is approximately 1.25 inches square.

The back still looked unfinished to me - so I dug in the little jar of labels (yes, I have a problem - I keep "trash") and found this old floss label. I like how it finished. I did get it all copper taped.

I have my jump ring taped on, but I did mine turned "the other way" than most people do it. I often thread my pendants on and off chains and ribbons and the ring turned this way means I don't have to use an additional jump ring that often comes open. Am I breaking any kind of jeweler's rule doing this????

Last photo - a new embellished compostition book cover started. I'm going to try and spray paint (hey MaryAnn) those metal snowflake brads gold to work better in this design.

My friend Lannae is giving away a new piece of her stamped jewelry. Mention that I sent you and she will put me in a bonus drawing too.

Have a fabulous day everyone.....


see you there! said...

I have wanted to try one of those glass jewelery pieces. They look like they would be fun to make and certainly make great gifts.

Yours sure doens't look like a "First Try".


Karen Junking in Georgia said...

looks great .. just make sure it will hang flat against your chest if you wear it .. with the jump ring.. that way.. you can use two in a figure 8 enjoy making some more pretty charms

ellen said...

So pretty, really wonderful.

i am very mary said...

I am seriously down with spray paint, but it's that spray sdhesive that messes with my chi.

jen b said...

yay! i have been wanting to try the whole soldering thing too. have had the sally jean book forever and apparently i am scared of it too. by the way that label is in no way trash. it's pure collage fodder.

Anonymous said...

I want to learn to solder but I burn the shite out of myself with hot glue guns, so I cannot imagine having much finger tip left after this experiment....Maybe I should just buy the sally jean book, too!