Monday, October 27, 2008


Abby went to a friends house after school last week. I showed up to get her and Miss Katie fell in love with my soldered pendant. You know you have mastered something you can sell when a teenager wants one.

Well Miss Katie has a birthday coming up and the softball princess remembered the pendant. She asked me to make Katie one. Off to the sudio (like I needed an excuse to go). And about an hour later I have the gift finished.

Katie's pendant. She loved it. My soldering is still rough, but getting better. I strung this on leather cording (no findings required) with a slide adjustment knot and made two teenagers so very happy. (sorry - those nails look horrid) Doesn't the paper behind the "k" look like a map. Happy accident.

My weekend was low key and included a delicious nap snuggled up with the college freshman on Sunday afternoon. She did say that I snore (don't belive her, I have never heard me snore).

I also finished all but 18 of the little flowers for my ATC seminar. Those will be attacked tonight.

Upcoming agenda items - those ATC, goodie bags for same seminar, a CIP mailer, and maybe finishing the cowboy quilt. All that and a fun school project with the Softball Princess - something involving the word apron.

Hope this finds you having a great day


Lannae Johnson said...

I love to see you putting those soldering skills to good use! I want to come play again!!!

Laura said...

Thought you would enjoy this:

ellen said...

Happiness is doing things that make you feel good..Joy is doing things that other people love.
Such a good time, such love, such special people, deserve you give's a two way street, is it not?