Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm wearing it.......

I have a soldered charm on a chain around my neck....again not a difficult thing, just a technique thing.

Lannae and I spent part of yesterday in MaggieGraceWorld learning how to solder. SO much fun and she is such a joy to be around. I hope she will want to come back again

And for some more fun --- I mentioned an ATC presentation on Nov 17th. Here is the inspiration for my ATC that I will be giving everyone.

Cute dress huh - the colors are the inspiration and my presentation will be focused on both the what of ATC and the why and the how -- (college freshmans fingers)

I'll be pulling and making little inspiration kits for those attending as well.

After I found my muse - I piddled around the studio and pulled together this little pile of goodness.

I'll be doing fiber art ATC in a variation on a traditional form for these --- what cha think?

Sorry this is so rushed -- been super busy at work today.

Have a great evening.


ellen said...

Love the colors!...and your charm is so sweet. I turned out beautifully.

Lannae Johnson said...

Are you can't keep me away now! I am afraid that you are going to come home from work one day and find me hanging out in Maggie Grace world sorting your stamps or something! Had the best time and look forward to my next invite - I'm loving my new pendant! Thanks also for the fun surprise on the windshield - you are the most giving person. I'm already imagining what I'm going to do with my new tags and beads :) You're the best! Oh...and I now have it in writing that you are going to do the 2009 show - no way out!

see you there! said...

I so wish I could come by for a soldering lesson with you and Lannae. Love the charm.

You'll be a great ATC instructor!