Tuesday, October 07, 2008

More studio Pictures

Okay - the floor is not completely painted. Maybe Sunday afternoon.

But I wanted to share the work surface. The chest we cut the legs off of. It is a quality recognized brand of furniture, but I bought it at a yard sale fo 30.00.

See the blue foam on either side of the door. I have a ton of pallet wood and my idea is to have friends complete art on those pallet slats in the dimensions to fit there. My wall will then reflect the people who have supported and continue to support and inspire me. I'll stack them and attach them. Anybody interested???
I stand on the drawer side most of the time to work. The bottom drawer holds the Sizzix and my paper cutters. The 3rd drawer holds gift boxes and other assorted gift wrap supplies. The scissors are sitting there in a tooth brush holder. I hung large sheets of paper on the "back" of the drawers. Being a full blown paper whore - I have another area with big sheets hung too. Easy storage - using those large clips - we call them bulldog clips.

Contents of the top drawer - punches and stuff in those desk drawer dividers. I have them double stick taped to the bottom of the drawer. There is an embellished composition book in progress on the top.
The second drawer - another of those scrap pieces of insulaton board with holes cut in it. Assorted bottles and plastic containers. I adore those lab bottles.

I've had a few here visitors of late. I still need a comfy chair - I think I'll just use a folding one. It is fun to have my local friends there.

I love having my things in one place. I love having a system to put things back. I can tell now that the sewing machine is more than likely going to live in the house - and just move out here for temporary work sessions. (More because of humidity than anything.) I should have committed to this space years ago.

Hopefully I can share the completed composition book tomorrow. We'll see. The Softball Princess has two games tonight.

Have a great afternoon.


Lannae Johnson said...

I am so coming over to plunder through your things!

Carrie said...

Sounds like fun, I'd love to do it, but I need to get my life in order....give me a heads up when you are ready for plank decorating. Sigh. I'm starting to get weepy over everything.

Roxie said...

Your shop is truly an inspiration! I need to get with it for my photography show coming up in March.

Pictures are chosen, now onto the work on framing and matting.

ellen said...

Wish that I could hop on over for a visit. Everything looks so great. You have such wonderful, creative talents.