Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What I have been up to ...

Besides playing with buddies in MaggieGraceWorld, I managed to make a few spoon bracelets. I sold some over the weekend and took orders for a few more. . I still need to learn to solder the little jump rings for a more secure finish to these.

I found a few more silverplated pieces on Saturday in Kennesaw. Abby was playing in the state sectionals for softball. I had a little spare time so I looped back to an open air market and antiques mall.

The rest of these pictures are purely eye candy shots that I sneaked.

Ribbon photo holders - I have a tutorial printed for these in my notebooks from somewhere, but this was the first time I have seen one in "real life." Love this.
I also love these little tags punched from copies of pictures.

One last picture of pure eye candy - luscious velvet ribbon - slightly over exposed.

We spent last night with my lovely inlaws - the softball princess had to complete an interview with a veteran. Grandmother cooked - Abby and I copied pictures and Granddaddy and she went over things about the Korean War. It was a very nice evening.

Hopefully I'll have a new button angel to show you guys tomorrow. I am so tickled with how this one is coming out. I'll have to sneak peek her - because I am thinking on sending this for submission consideration. Then I may keep her as a tree topper -

Have a great day all.


Karen Junking in Georgia said...

i do like the bracelets you are really doing some nice stuff..fun isn't it?

i am very mary said...

The bracelets are DEFINITELY your thing. I love them! I'd be happy to buy a couple!

Anonymous said...

We certainly enjoyed spending time with you, Charles, and Abby."G"Dad was happy that Abby wanted info about his military experience. He is a Real Hero...his pic will be in The Sun's Veterans Day section before Veterans Day. Do come again real soon. Love, H & A.

Carrie said...

Yay! I can see the pictures from home! I love, love, love the spoon bracelets.

Laura said...

You know who can teach you all about soldering? Alli. I think she took a whole class on it at SCAD.