Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Run - to etsy - to her blog - to her mom's place

I read a lot of blogs. I look at a lot of photos over at flickr. I get a ton of magazines. I drool and wish at etsy. Yesterday - I happened onto a post on my google reader about Miss Caitlin Holcomb. The lampshades below are from her flickr set.

I gasped. My heart raced. I drooled. I want - I want - I want - and I have sent the etsy link for these to the people who most likely can buy this for me for Christmas.

What I did not know - and cannot figure how I missed it - is that she is Mary Holcomb's daughter. Yes Mary Holcomb - you know the one featured in many magazines - like Somerset Life and many others. She is the creator of one of my favorite blogs - Merci Notes.

I did not follow Mary's links out because I have around 200 blogs on my google reader and I was getting sucked farther and farther into the internet world. Finding this genius has changed that - I'll be following links again.

In addition to the accent lamps I have fallen for - Caitlin has paintings and banners and other fun stuff at her shop. I got a serious crush on this girl and her stuff.

No MaggieGrace goodness because I spent last night snuggled on the sofa watching tv with the College Freshman who is home on fall break.

Have a wondeful day.


Laura said...


We agree on something. I love those lampshades!

Feeling chilly out today...

Merci-Notes said...

Your post is so very, very kind and thoughtful. As an artist yourself, you know the work involved and how we all LOVE to share our work! :)
I look forward to seeing more of your work in 2009!
Thank you!!!

With Kindness,