Monday, March 29, 2010

Home Remedy

Pictures of a pretty postcard I had in my stuff.

So Thursday night found me throwing up despite taking taking the anti nausea drugs they give chemo patients and in severe pain. Taking prescription pain meds - sleeping under the influence of those meds - waking up and counting the seconds until I could take another pain pill. I have taken a cocktail of prescription stuff. I WAS MISERABLE. I also hate the way they make me feel in general so no worries about any addiction problems.

A customer had given me a home remedy that inxluded fresh black watermelon seeds as an ingredient. Fresh out of watermelon and it turns out so are the grocery stores in this neck of the woods. (I'll be freezing me some seeds with the first one I cut though).

Well I got this handy dandy DROID phone. You know - the phone I hate. It has google search easily available. I typed in lots of words before I got it right -- go ahead laugh - I did - remember I was pretty stoned anyway. I finally googled "KIDNEY STONE HOME REMEDIES" and decided that the very first one I found that I had the stuff to create, I was gonna do. Well I found a concoction on several sites that was very similar, and I had the stuff in my pantry/fridge.

A tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of lemon juice. (Notice I found various amounts of the mixture referenced but it was always an equal amount.) Nothing poisonous or unknown in there. Shouldn't hurt me. So I crafted it up - in a tequila shot glass - cause I had one handy - imagine that - and I downed it. Not so bad. Then the battle to keep it in my tummy - that was a challenge - a true battle of wills - but I did. Then like magic that stone moved out of my kidney. And in a matter of 6 hours the nausea eased up. I was better.

I have had worse shots that involved alcohol - I'm thinking JAGER BOMBS --- LOL. So I repeated said concoction on Saturday morning, Saturday night, Sunday Morning, Sunday Night, and this morning. The stone is still there, but it is moving down as it should be and the pain and nausea are SO * MUCH * BETTER.

I am at work and trying to get a few things done. Still very, very weak. But a lot better.

I am alsp at my lightest weight in the last 10 years. I lost 9 pounds since last Wednesday. I'll gain some of that back - but hey its my story and I'm telling this my way.

Thanks so much for the calls and emails and prayers and good vibrations sent my way. It's all headed towards good.

Maybe MaggieGrace can accomplish something this week.

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