Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my daddys picture

That's my daddy up there. I may have shared this picture before, but I scanned this and I'll be including it in a scrapbook layout for a Stampington call for artwork. Yes a call for artwork. Makes me sound special doesn't it. Well I'm not. Somerset publications are seriously beautiful magazines and books featuring multiple venues for all types of artists to share their inspirational are with the widespread group of readers. They are some of my favorite magazines.

Wanna find out how to be published yourself.....


All the information you need is there. Pick a challenge and throw caution and fear to the wind and go for it. The people behind these magazines are wonderful to deal with.

Back to the picture --- I'll be putting together a layout for the Somerset Memories (Back to Basics) challenge. That picture above will be featured. Take a look at the tie. Yes I know it is hideously ugly as far as being a fashion statement in any era. This picture would have been the late 70's or early 1980. (Daddy was killed in an accident in 1980). I HAVE THAT TIE. Hanging in my living room right now.

The story behind an ugly denim tie and this picture. Note how dirty Daddy is. He was an instructor in the Auto Mechanic class at Athens Tech. Grungy, dirty work. A hands on instructor, who believed that showing a student was the right way to teach them. He smelled of grease, and transmission fluid and all kinds of shop stuff. I take my car to have any kind of service done and the smell of a shop is so familiar and comfortable to me. Love it.

Well the school required all instructors to wear collared shirts and ties. My daddy was not the tie type. But he had to conform to the dress code, so he asked my Mom to make him ties that were more in keeping with his personality. Denim ties - they could be washed - or tossed - they fit the code and were durable and quite unexpected. When I moved into my first home, Mom gave me a box of daddy's things and the tie was included. I have displayed it since then (some 25 years) just hanging somewhere.

When I saw this challenge, I immediately knew what I was going to do. Yup - Feature my Daddy's picture and tie.

I'll update this later with more information.

Hope you guys have a wonderful day.

Oh and if you are on facebook - become a fan of Stampington. They will keep you updated on some of the calls and challenges.

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