Monday, March 22, 2010

Scrap Savers Craft

This one is truly a scrap craft. My ever so lovely friend, MaryAnn, sends care packages quite frequently. She feeds my hoarding tendency quite well. In the last few days, I received a lovely package of outdated Norman Rockwell calendar pages. Included in this package was a note saying that "surely her creative friend (me) could come up with a clever way to use these pages."

Confession time here. Normally I would add these to the stash, but since the stash is - well - way out of control, I decided to go right ahead and do something asap with these. I was also suffering from the loss of my MOJO and it was returning. So what's a girl to do with old calendar pages.

Not old enough to be vintage, but way to good to toss. That's the kind of thing these were. the great thing about my decided approach is that it will work with - all kinds of papers. Magazine pages, paper sacks, childrens coloring book pages, recycled work papers and on and on.

Here's what I did. Grab a small envelope and an Xacto knife. Open the envelope carefully. (Reality here - google envelope pattern and print one - they are readily available) But I just opened one and then traced it to a piece of transparency. I marked the fold lines. This allowed me a clear window to line up for the main part of my image.

Trace the outline and cut it out.

I scored my fold lines using my paper cutter and the back of a plastic knife - high tech --- LOL.

Fold - fold - fold.

Glue tabs - Glue tabs - glue tabs.

There you go - a FREE pile of note card envelopes. I'll match these up with flat notes that I stamp and emboss. Or maybe use them as packages for tags or other swap goodies.

Any way - they didn't cost me anything - they did not simply go into the stash - and I am quite happy to have a usable item from something most people would have tossed.

It's all good.
Hey MaryAnn ---- does this count as a creative use of these babies?????

have a wonderful day.

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