Friday, March 05, 2010

my favorite image

I ran across a copy of the new Flea Market Style magazine last night at the grocery store. I've been reading the blog and waiting and waiting. I have the previous magazine (and the DVD that came with it) featuring the wonderful Junk Girl's ideas. (the chain link gate for the bathroom was my fave in the DVD. )

Sorry - I took off on a tangent there.

Yummy details were mentioned on the blog. Insider info snips leaked. The personalities behind the scenes. Those whose blogs I read daily.

I was impatient when I started to see blips on the blogs that the mags were out there. But last night I spotted it. Brought it home. Fixed my dinner. Packed my car for the weekend. Took a shower. Caught up laundry. You get the idea. See I wanted my first trip through this new publication to be leisurely and uninterrupted.

Finally late last night, I cozied up on the sofa, under a crochet granny blanket made by my mom, glass of vino on a metal tv tray, dog from hell alongside me, and open the pages to a magazine that speaks to my soul. I ADORE THE FLEA MARKET _ RECYLCLED _ REPURPOSED look. It is my look of choice.

I was not disappointed by the wait or the hype leading into that moment. It is a stunning magazine. I want to do this - and that and the other. Absolutely devine.

Below is my favorite image from the entire mag. (I found myself returning to this page over and over.) Calling this my favorite right now. That could change in the next few minutes.

This image is from Heather's featured al fresco meal/party. Why do I love it? Formal looking china and silverware used in a very casual way. Soft and hard objects together. The frayed linen - the patina of the silver ---- yummmmmmm.

Do you have your copy yet?

Do you have a favorite image?

I'll be at the soccer field tonight. At the softball field tomorrow. Got the crocheting ready.

Have a great one.

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